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  1. During a 2 hour trip to Minotaurs, I got 3 Drill Demons, 2 Mimes, 2 Freaky Forresters, and 1 Evil Twin. :shock:
  2. My Friend List is currently empty. I'm dead serious. I started playing again about a month ago, and I've yet to meet an intelligent person that enjoys chatting while skilling or training. I'd just like some people to talk to while I PowerWoodcut. Here's some background information on me if you want to know what I'm like: I'm a 18-year-old male from the South-Eastern United States. I enjoy RuneScape (OMG no wai!), paintball, basketball, driving my Supra, playing Nintendo DS, and going to the movies. My first RuneScape account ever was Killy2Billy, which I leveled up to 95 Combat and over 1200 (I believe) in almost 3 years of playing. Unfortunately, I lost the account to a hacker. I've started fresh with my new account, Woot Kaiser, which translates into "The King of Woot". I'm currently 50 Combat, and I've just finished Dragon Slayer. I'm currently PowerWoodcutting until level 70, going from 41 to 60 on Willows, and then 60 to 70 on Yews. I'll be selling all the Yews I accumulate during those 10 levels and using the money to buy full Zamorak. Sorry if that was rather long. So, in a nutshell, I'm looking for friends in-game that I can talk to. :D
  3. Pfft, you all are incorrect. It's Mining, duh. :P
  4. Very nice man. I agree with you; Prayer isn't worth it. My pure in training is 30 Attack and 45 Strength and it's only 33 Combat.
  5. Pretty nice, although your pking account would do much better without the 20 Defence.
  6. If you are richer than someone else in RuneScape, it is usually because you have spent more time clicking your mouse than they have, and/or you have clicked your mouse more times. It's not really a big accomplishment if you think about it.
  7. Just think about it this way mate. Your collection has just become ten times more rare. Now that Spinach Rolls cannot be traded or purchased, you can only get them through Random Events, and since you already have a large amount, if you keep them and it continues to grow, you'll have the biggest collection of Spinach Rolls in RuneScape!
  8. No problem mate, I'm here to help.
  9. Amazing video dude! I commented on your YouTube video. Just look for BaconYumYum's comment.
  10. I suggest level 12 Minotaurs in the Stronghold of Security until you have atleast 60 Strength, then you can head over to Zombies under Draynor Village.
  11. But if they did, a lot of f2pers will complain because they no longer have any good clothes. Camo, Lenderhosen, and Mime are the only good clothing options for f2p.
  12. Since the Abyssal Whip can't train Strength, you should raise your Strength to around 70-75, then train Attack to 70. Then you can use the Whip on Controlled and train both of them.
  13. Good luck with your goals! But remember, you gotta keep up with your real life responsibilities too. Off-Topic: You really need to train Range :?
  14. Actually, I like some Anime. I loved DragonBall Z and Pokemon growing up.
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