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  1. :s its a jockstrap.. wat kinda playa dosnt wear jockstraps
  2. Check out this pimped up playa 8-) Rate 1-11/10 8-)
  3. get a mate to do a phone order?
  4. bad luck homedog its always hard first go gets easier when u get a bit of experiance under the belt
  5. gl mate, i just failed caves twice today, both at healers hope better luck comes ur way
  6. yup, and considering u have 45 prayer, u dont even need to safespot the general :
  7. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=565504 slightly out of date tho
  8. too bad i dont hav 60 agil or strength, found out the hard way after buyin all the supplies and goin to up to trollheim, :wall: lol nice guide anyhow :
  9. i did over 20k nats/cosmics inbetween 52-56 def and 65-68hp, so it isnt very hard
  10. mmmkay thx, wat about to range them?
  11. wat mage lv would u need to efficiently fire bolt irons? i have chaos gaunts
  12. i bought 30k pure the day after the update for 110ea least it'll get me 70rc and round 8m :
  13. deaths is ur choice easily more money and more xp
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