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  1. I just received a level 3 clue sending me into the wildy via coordinates. I located it to be in the Bone Yard, my question is, where is the Bone Yard in the new wilderness, and is it too dangerous to go there?
  2. Has anyone else noticed it's hard to buy it even at the current max price of 93 ea? I can't seem to buy ANY at all
  3. Well said, this is probably the only sensible post in this whole thread.
  4. Incidents like this are unfortunate. What's truly sad is that the people who post in this thread agreeing with the article's point, start flaming each other's beliefs, am I the only confused one?
  5. This can easily be prevented, in WoW you cannot buy items posted by your own account. Jagex can just track the IP address of the person who posted something on the GE, if that same IP tries to purchase that item (on a diff account) it will not be able to. Or atleast that seems like a possible solution.
  6. This update is by far the greatest thing that's ever happened to Runescape, for those of you who have never played WoW, the Auction House was God. Merchanting can still be done with the Great Exchange, people who need money quickly sell at low prices, believe me, we are going to feel nothing but happiness the day this update comes out.
  7. My combat is 103, 85 str, 80 att, 80 def and 86 hp, as well as 64 prayer. I'll make sure to visit yours =D.
  8. Yea, I was a little confused there too, thanks a lot for the support though guys :D
  9. I'll keep my thread simple so people will read it 8-). My goal is 99 ranged, I'm going to achieve this by ranging blue dragons, mainly in the Heroe's Guild. My equipment will consist of full black d hide, with the [bleep]y vambs, a mage short with mith arrows, glory amy, ring of wealth and a legend's cape. I intend on picking up a ranger's set and an archer's ring when I've accumulated the right amount of hides and bones. (Yea I know I can get a Fremmenik helm, but personally I hate quests :D). I'll post any rare drops, and cool clue rewards when the time arises. I run a pretty tight schedule when it comes to school and work. If you want to contact me in game feel free to pm me. I can be found on either world 130 or 131. I'll try to give daily updates, wish me luck! Currently 87/99 Ranged 213 Dragons killed so far
  10. I've heard some pretty negative things about the crossbow's slowness, and inaccuracy, especially when you're slaying dragons. It's definately something I will look into though, although I don't mind the price of mith arrows, when I used to buy them it was for 120-160 ea, not the 50-60 I get now.
  11. I just recently came back to runescape after a 1 year stint with WoW. I have been on and off runescape for a number of years. I decided I would come back and level my ranging from 86 to 99 (currently 87 close to 88). I'm doing it by killing the blue dragon in the Heroe's guild. I keep the hides and the bones for money. I'm currently using a mage short with mith arrows, along with a ranging pot. My question is would it be better for me to use a crystal bow as opposed to the mage short. I'm 1 agility off the regicide requirements, and I don't mind doing the two hard quests if it's a better way to go. The money for the recharges on the bow shouldn't be a problem.
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