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  1. Coffee? Drink RedBull. And at night don't just lay in bed or you will get even more sleepy. Just play the comp with your door closed and volume and lights off. I've never done it but my way just seems like it would work better. Gl with life.
  2. Just take some shrooms before the test. You will do a lot better.
  3. NAACP are dumb. They have no right to do this. They take everything as offensive. They are just mad because there has never been a black president.
  4. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5g4z ... 4_18q--oTg [hide=Full Story]
  5. You did the right thing. He deserved to lose it because he didn't take it with him. Now the info on it is yours. I say you should buy something nice. He had no right taking all his personal info to school.
  6. How many summoning topics are there already? The skill isn't even out yet... Congrats on making topic #4356537654745 :shame:
  7. Wow i didn't know you worked for Jagex thanks for informing me. You don't know till it happens, things change, im asking people that they THINK will happen. Jeese... What's wrong with people these days? That is what I think. Why would the combat level increase for a new skill? Then they would have to make all skills go up. Then, they would have to take everyones achievement capes away. Use your common sense boy...
  8. There will be no new combat level... What's wrong with people these days?
  9. You're just contributing to the amount of topics like this. Pointless.
  10. Cheap and it gives you attention. I love it.
  11. Here's a toast to the winner. =D> So people who disagree with you are 'flamers'? Give me some names and I'll deal with them. Thanks for the toast. =D> They are trying to start an argument.
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