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  1. Hi. Can I get a Pixel Art signature? I'd like the Title to be "Skylar" and for somewhere on there to have "Rs Name: Nfgpunker". Also can I have something along the lines of "Zeonic Force for life?". Also in the animation part I'd like "71+ Smithing, 75+ Smithing, 66+ Herblaw" (Don't change it to Herblore please ^_^! For the looks can I have a White person (Not to be racist) and White short hair, with a Brown Cavalier (or Blue Party Hat), Blue Dragon Hide Armour. Mage Boots (Blue), with a Hammer in his hand? Also if it's not too much trouble can I have a Blue or Red BG? I'd rather blue, but whatever you want or thinks looks better is fine. Also would it be possible if you could change the Animation of it from time to time when I level? I might pay each time if that's possible. Thanks ^_^! Note: I don't mean a full pixel sig. Just one with the backgrounds and the little guy on the side.
  2. Yes, because you come to appriciate things that are old and you want them back. Thus meaning you were not here back then or you would appriciate it.
  3. Obviously you were not around back then :roll:..
  4. Gohan you noob 8)..How did I know you'd bring up something about the Old School Scapeboards right when I got you here? Ah well. Anyways I'm sure they/you can make a board like it. Just make your own :roll:..
  5. Very nice. Better then I'd be able to do so :P. Anyways good job and keep it up.
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