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  1. I did notice 1 question which he evaded in answering. do other ppl share the accnt to train his skills. The time it took to get 99 slayer and farming so quickly after they came out is a near impossibility. Therefore i still have my doubts about his accnt being shared and will continue to doubt it. As for the interview; it was great. I know other ppl have the same idea as I do on this matter. If he has all these studies and a rl gf, then id say something isnt coucher on the dinner plate. Maybe other ppl are too modest to mention this but im not, as ive played rs since 2002: stating in rsc and continuing up to now. I train hard and put in alot of hours doing so to get where I'm at now and find it very hard to believe that only 1 person did this by himself.
  2. a suggestion to jagex :idea: . though i am a pure f2p player with 1228 skill total :) ; i think f2p as well as members need more bank space. with the new random evens and all the outfits possible to get now, we just dont have the space to put them any more. i think its time we got a few more(and not just 10-12) :roll:, so we can have the storage space. all comments are welcome and maybe a poll to show jagex that we do need them. 8) yours glassman01
  3. a friend' revelwood' has over 2k hammers, i know cuz i help get them for him. i had 2100 str pots b4 i was hacked 6 weeks ago. now collecting chef hats- have 245 atm. :D
  4. im lookinh for some1 up to a challenge to make me an avitar and sig. im canadian and in top 100 canadians and top 65 in f2p. would like a few of my stats incorperated in sig. any1 up to the challenge let me know so we can go over details. thx :) glass im willing to pay rs coins for services
  5. im looking for a cool sig for my character. i am canadian and my trade is a fiberglass technician but glassman means ice cream man in swedish. also want a few of my stats incorporated in sig.
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