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  1. guess the space is for the underground city then? :P
  2. but click the smithing skill in game you can now make different nails not only steel as before. and they also is moving around servers because they need more space for an update this month. so yes, i believe carpentry is coming this month
  3. thanks alot, that did the trick :)
  4. yup, tried resarting, doing a checkdisk. none of those helped
  5. well just a few minutes ago, i saw that i was running kind of low on empty space on my computer, so i decided to uninstall and remove some old games i dont play anymore. the problem is, even tho i removed them it doesnt show any additional space. its still as low as it was before, any suggestions?
  6. yeah i know, havent removed windows messenger yet. but thanks for the check :)
  7. Thanks :) Here is the HJT log you asked for, hopefully someone of you might help me :) the missing file which got censored on the last line is w*fmgr, (its supposed to be a D instead of the "star") why is it missing? anything important? Thanks :)
  8. Well I recently got a keylogger on my comp. I think I got rid of it now tho, but I want to be absolutely sure. Any advice on any good online scans? I tried the one in the sticky on the help & advice board (housecall) + i got norton antivirus myself now. Both of them show nothing, so I want to know if its safe to get back to playing at home. (not playing anywhere else either tho, just using others comp to post here on the forums) EDIT: posted the log further down
  9. KronoS

    Best RPG?

    forgot to add my own list when i wrote this topic :P Just listing them in a random order off my head. Breath of Fire 3 (havent played 1 or 2, and 4 i didnt like) FF 7-10 (Havent played any other in the series, liked 7 the most tho) Suikoden 1 & 2 (these games rock) Baldurs Gate 2 + expansions There is alot of other which I like but these are my favorites!
  10. KronoS

    Best RPG?

    Now Im not talking about MMORPG, just regular RPG played offline (just to avoid any confusion :P) Anyway, whats your favorite RPG? It can be for any system (PC, PS2, GC, NES, SNES etc)
  11. i was right on the only 2 matches i saw live, not gonna post which ones tho since i dont wanna ruin it for anyone else who havent seen it.. gotta watch the rest tomorrow
  12. akebono christy cena batista kane or jericho undertaker mysterio michaels there is your winners...no questions about it
  13. Thanks for the Bump. :-) I'm working on it at the moment. Not sure how long it's going to take. About charging, you should ask Wyrm. KronoS: Could you specify a little more what you want in it? I won't be able do start it yet though.. Just some sweet looking kick-butt bow? :P and the name Bohb on it
  14. that looks great.. gotta go to sleep now tho, just add Bohb in game and i'll talk to ya as soon as I see you online tomorrow. (Btw, u got the same name in game as here?) PS. won't use the avatar until u recieved your payment :)
  15. that looks awesome.. one thing tho.. could you make the arrow the other way around? so it looks like the way you shoot it from the bow if it's too much work ill just go with Lemads animation sig :P let me know
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