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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. stop spamming your own and start spam my profile buahaha

  4. Alive and well, going to graduate my polytechnic soon XD

    applying for university while waiting for army enlistment letter

  5. Oh my gosh!! How are you?

  6. Haven't seen ya in awhile haha

  7. rofl haven't talked to ya in a looooooooong time

  8. im surprised that theres a facebook type here

  9. I'm suprised about the lack of conversation about Sengoku Basara. Its literally the top anime for this season :thumbsup: Yeah and some questuons i need to confirm So far how good is K-On? I know there doing Haruhi Season 1 re-run but whens the new episodes coming in? After the 14 episodes of season 1?
  10. After quitting Runescape, I've pretty much moved on with life, thinking about the future. So I just walk by memory lane and came back here to talk about the future. WHATS YOUR FUTURE PLAN? Share your future plan that maybe a life plan, a 10 year plan, 5 year or maybe even a plan of what you are gonne do tonight(but that will just be a spam wouldn't it?) Heres mine I'm living in Singapore, studying in Polytechnic which just started my 3rd year.(My last year WOO HOO) I'm currently getting documents and stuff to get into a University in Japan(Means I'm flying off) BUT even if I get in a University, I'll immediatly have to ask for a 2 year leave from it. (WHAT? WHY Stun?) Well, in Singapore theres this little thing called the National Service and All males gotta join em. Which means that I'll need to join civil service(Army? Police? Who knows) for 2 years in order to get with University studies. There ya go, my 6 years plan. (4y in Uni + 2y in army) Enough about me, now tell me your future plans?!
  11. This is Stunner from the little Singapore island So Far no infections here, but nation's pandemic level is at orange(What the heck does that mean?) Anyway School wants us to bring the Thermometer to school. Troublesome :x
  12. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Another Lucky Star fan!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Peace 8-) Kagami's my wife 8-) :lol:
  13. Every Muslim I know thinks hes an idiot. Whys he blaming the Americans on not stopping Bush invade Afghan and Iraq? Hes the one who started it :-s
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