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  1. alrite thanks for the suggestions so far, so what are some other stat suggestions?
  2. Well I am in the process of creating a P2P Bounty Hunter account and here are the stats I thought would be ideal for BH. Attack:75 Strength:99 Defense:40 Hitpoints:99 Prayer:70 Magic:94 Range:70+ Combat ---> lvl 100 (I can stay in mid-lvl crater that means!) Would be weilding AGS and full rune Meant to do as much damage as possible to KO Suggestions and advice would be appreciated!
  3. well then id say u should merchant, keep track of some prices, buy at market price and sell above that later i made um probably 1M+ today doing that (then again i got 50M to work with). o I've started merchant dont worry. I have already bought and sold around 2-3million cannonballs which made them stabalize faster. My threshold of 250k c balls rose about 10gp, sold them and made about 2.5mil off them, before they dropped again.
  4. I'd just like to thank this guide for inspiring to start my company, 2-3 months ago. I've made 30mil (would have been nearly 40mil if it wasn't for the GE) and gone through over 140 employees, since than and it was a great experience. Unfortunatly my company has now fallen to my "bar traders" who now make the money I can't because unfortunately I've been somehow labeled as a "high-risk account" and have had the 3k limit applied to me on the 10th, rather than jan. 1st. The business is shutting down the 1st due to the unbalanced trade coming into effect... sad to see it go, but it was worth it. :cry: .
  5. Thanks =) I have no idea why my siggy turned out like crap, I had to reuce the qualtiy a lot more than normal so something was weird with it. I'll replace it soon.
  6. Thanks =) Here's another not completely finished sig I just made: Do you gus think I could start selling sigs like these (at 300 x 150)? If so what is an avarage price I could get?
  7. Thanks for posting, do you guys think this is any better? I think I may still have to slow down the animation somemore though Ive also made a new sig What do you think?
  8. Well I made my first grunge sig here it is: Other's What do you think? Flame/rate/crit/compliment. Tell me anything I could do to help the sig and and tips for future sigs. (the sig is not suppose to be used on these forums) Thanks ~BB[/u]
  9. done all quests beside s the one that just came out today (which I'm starting now)
  10. 6/10 its not that interesting not much going on... but i guess the sig is for the prase in the middle so its understandable... its definatly unique
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