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  1. Never said it was funny. I don't even find it that enjoyable to watch myself, but I think it's rather entertaining for the most part.
  2. Assuming I understand your question, the actual site for tip.it is seperate from the forum. They have created a normal website for the domain http://www.tip.it and then installed the forum as a subdomain. The website and forum are seperate. Although, many forum softwares have portal mods you can install that will co-exist with forum and allow you to have an actual website along with the forum and they will be run on the same software.
  3. No site can offer you a free site and a free domain name (.com, .org, .net, etc.) without some kind of catch. Any site that sells domain names has fees to pay ICANN in some form or another therefor, they can't just give out free domain names without having to pay for it themselves. You can try for a [LikelyScam] domain, but I'm not sure if those are still free. There are also some sites that offer free subdomains if that will work.
  4. That's why you buy a $4 microwave at a thrift store and not worry about it ;P.
  5. Eh, when you're bored, you're bored.
  6. You can find the video as the first post on The Phantom Mullet. Video was shot the other day out of sheer boredom. *Disclaimer*I am not in this video and if you mods want to give crap about the no RL stuff, explain why the Runescape: A Reality thread was allowed to go for atleast thirty pages when it showed the kids and inside their house. Exactly.
  7. Ryan

    Photo Goodness

    Probably, but i was chilling in the pool and so obviously that's in my backyard ;)
  8. So I got bored and grabbed my camera after it had collected some serious dust and took some photos. I don't know, none of them really do anything for me since they seem so bland, but decide for yourself. Photos
  9. Yes the M&M's advert used the Iron & Wine's cover of Such Great Heights. Anyway yes, I love The Postal Service. I just wish they were bringing out a new album. Anyone know if they are planning anything? Wait I'm confused..so who did the original version of Such Great Heights? I thought GSW told me Iron & Wine did the original but you just said even that was a cover..
  10. Didn't at least one of those commercials use Iron & Wine's original version though and not TPS's? Anyway, good band. I don't mind that they got popular I just don't like people not giving the whole album a chance.
  11. I always considered but never tried putting keywords in my topics in an attempt to get more views. Let's see how it works. Thanks for the comments so far :) and I love hearing which cars you guys really like.
  12. *Now that the pageviews should be overflowing* Pictures. I went to the auto show this past weekend and took quite a few pictures. I'm giving you a link because there's over thirty and I'd rather let you guys pick which ones you want to look at instead of me picking some to post here. Thanks
  13. lmao, they are very well known, if u knew music, u would know that. but then again ur probly just another mainstream top 40 listener Way to make a baseless assumption. No, i do not listen too ''top40 mainsteam'' i do have a little taste... I have never met anyone who listens to the smashing pumpkins, i lend my ipod to freinds and they say they have never heard of smashing pumpkins and really like them...so it wasnt baseless...it was based on what my friends my freinds have said :roll: thats why i said ''not very well known i wouldnt think'' not...''there not well known at all'' ova n out... That's probably because the smashing pumpkins are only now just getting back together. There prime was before most the kids on this board would have been listening to music so it's very understandable your friends don't know them.
  14. Ryan

    PS3 VS Xbox/360

    You're an idiot. This means absolutely nothing. So any game available for the 360 and PS3 will be [cabbage] too because they're for both consoles? Do us all a favor and don't come back. I find it interesting how a lot of you mention that you aren't impressed by the 360 and then go back to your PC's. There is a major issue if you're trying to compare the 360 and PC. PC's in theory are always current gen and any next-gen console game can already be played on the PC. So of course any console game isn't going to blow you away when you're used to playing the best PC games out there. And for the person who mentioned their dislike for the 360 controller I find that very hard to believe. I've used just about every controller imaginable on consoles and the 360 is by far the most comfortable. Everything is in a great spot, the controller is very smooth and fits great into your hand. But when you're hands are hunched over a mouse and keyboard all day it's obvious where the problem lies.
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