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  1. Slayer is still profitable even with the drops in price, most people make their money by training a set skill they want to max.....money being the by-product of a 99 stat or goal level they have set.
  2. Have been playing Runescape many many years....since their was a handful of worlds and their have always been bots and always will be bots. Nothing much we can do about it. Their have been a surge in bots over the past few years and the hope that was being held is that it will become unprofitable and they would thin out. But as long as Runescape is a massive online game i dont see that happening.
  3. Yepp, 99 range is the level it got me ! Also got this atm im 250k xp to 90. Emote.
  4. okay, im working on 90 slayer, and I've been doing all the clue scrolls I get and the last one i did i got a red dragon mask. So im wondering..what is the street price of the red dragon mask :). =-)
  5. What is the best thing to kill for elite clue scrolls, I've heard kbd or bronze dragons. How often is the drop?
  6. If I where to get members again, what gear should I start out slaying with? - torags. - abyssal whip. - glory. - dragon boots. - rune defender. - (full) slayer helmet. - slayer ring. - fire cape. - unicorns.--Healing-- Is there anything im missing or that should be changed. Remember only have 30m cash... After I get more cash up I'll upgrade a few items. example... rune defender -> dfs glory -> fury torags -> bandos. Also, which slayer monsters drops the new clue scroll and how often are they dropped.
  7. Just a few questions... -Haven't played in 2-3 months and im wondering is members still worth getting? -What are some of the new things? -Why are climbing boots 73k now? -My bank value is like 50m, 30m cash rest in items. -What should i start doing to make cash, I believe my stats are in my Sig.
  8. Grey chins would save 5M cost, but you lose a bunch of time. In that time lost u can be making up the money lost using red chins. Im also getting 99 range via red chins. Yes, But how many will i need?
  9. i believe you only keep it if its in the 3-4items.. cause a friend of mine died not too long ago and he lost it. You kept every item on grave with nomad because it was quest related
  10. I recently made a post of getting 99 range through slayer, but i would rather melee. I am Wondering how much 99 range would cost and how long it would take. Also, which would be better Grey Chins Vs. Red Chins in Cost / Exp per hour. I do have full void (range) and a unholy book.
  11. you can throw dust devils/dagganoths into the cannoning pile as well. I always cannon dust devils/dagganoths, get around 50-100k range xp per task, and get each one done in less than an hour. (F.Y.I....smoke dungeon for cannoning dust devils) New Task 109 Iron dragons, just use regular old way.. but in kuradal's Dungeon?.. Also should i bank the bones or just bury on site, not really in need of cash.
  12. Which task would be the best to range, and what gear should i use. What task should I block. I will be using a Unicorn Stallion and Range Potions on most of my task . At the moment my task is Gargoyles. My Gear is: Head: Full Slayer Helmet. Neck: Fury. Back: Accumulator. Body: Zamorak D'hide. Legs: Bandos Tasset. Feet: Dragon Boots. Finger: Ferocious Ring. Arrows: Broad Bolts. Hands: Barrow Gloves. Shield: Unholy Book. ( Do not want Armadyl Armour ) If I need any Improvements please share. Stats In Signature.
  13. Oh Wow! Only have 6 million in junk at the moment so darn.
  14. What is the Street Price for the following: Hex crest: Focus sight: Royal Crown: Someone had sold me them the other day for medium on the trade. They said they where worth alot more then medium so im wondering how much they are street wise.
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