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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. Happy birthday!!

  4. I think the patch was more to remove the ability to see what attacks the other person used in battles then it was to disable instacheck. Apparently that was rampant enough in ranked battles so it's reasonable. Still a little sad about instacheck though.
  5. Special mega khan is more for fun/shock, like a physical pixelate sylveon, or physical aururus. Just something else in the pile of things that need to be bred. And honestly the only mega I've gotten most value from has been mawile. My next on the list of things to mess around with is stored power clefable tank and possibly a trick room team; 0 speed IV ditto to the rescue.
  6. I usually have ferrothorn with leech seed, stealth rock, gyro ball, and power whip/seed bomb (depending how annoyed I get with missing power whip); and yes it includes rocky helmet. I'm starting to play around with a special attacking mega khan, pretty much the only thing going for it is just the sheer surprise. I think I'll try to find out my shiny ID and all that business tomorrow, assuming I'm not shoveling snow.
  7. I have a friend that uses SV, he has plenty of competitive shiny pokemon. I feel like I should jump on that train while the going is still good. Also mega mawhile is hilarious and ferrothorn wrecks mega-khan especially if they get greedy with power-up punches instead of using earthquake.
  8. This game is going to ruin my slide pad, I swear. I almost want to buy another 3ds just so I don't harm this one any more.
  9. Funny enough onegppker has a togepi safari (and mawile) I'm hoping his last pokemon is clefairy.
  10. That covers most basic information http://www.serebii.net/xy/ And pokemon breeding adventures I now have 5 IV mawile and minccino (and an abra and fletchling without the hidden abilities). I also managed a 6 IV female fletchling with gale wings and another honedge with 4 IV + 0 speed IV. I also caught 2 shiny magikarp, one of which will become a level 100 magikarp over time. Edit: And I just got another 6 IV fletchling except this one is male without gale wings. Edit2: Aaaaaaand now a 5 IV abra this time with the hidden ability.
  11. It makes your buttons wear down faster, but in game sadly no.
  12. Apparently people have been glitching wondertrade and sending out bad eggs so use cautiously. If you happen to get one all you can do for now is isolate it by itself in it's own box. It kind of ruined my plans to trade away 3 boxes of things today.
  13. So people have figured out some of the parent -> children IV passing is set before the egg is even given to you and now you (if you have a decent stock of IV spreads of that egg group or dittos) you can breed near perfect IVs in a third of the time. Made getting honedge 31/31/31/xx/31/0 easier. And for your team, if you have sylveon with pixelate you should use a normal move (I think hypervoice might be an egg move?); if not may as well use the other ability. I think you can also either change gyrados or gengar moveset or change out roserade or heatran to get your coverage/priority.
  14. So far I've gotten 6 pumpkaboos/gourgeist today, it took me 4 of them to realize what was going on.
  15. I just finished raising up my talonflame perfect IVs in everything but sp. atk. There are probably other counters than carracosta but I can't think of any at the moment. So far I've gotten 4 shiny pokemon from fishing (2 claunchers, a horsea, and staryu), I've trade all but staryu away. I also got a shiny japanese ditto with def/s.def IVs so that's been fun. I've also been farming dittos trying to get one with 0 speed IV for aegislash but I've been having no luck with that. I did however just get one with hp, atk, s.def, and spd, but it has 0 def. I'll probably go back to farming since there's an audino in the same safari so I can kind of level up and farm for dittos at the same time. I think I'll start breeding kangaskhan next for a mega since I don't really have anything for a battle party done other than talonflame. Either way this game has been keeping me occupied for awhile.
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