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  1. 86-99 took me 398 tasks but i got a LOT of ice wyrms from 93-99
  2. Should I sell my tarromin/harrlanders?
  3. Budget doesnt matter..I'm looking to find out how much money I'll need so i can start saving.
  4. Also should I sell or use my 1k+ harrlander and tarromin?
  5. How much would it cost and what pots to make?
  6. No lifing 1 day is not healthy? Neither is hating Congrats dude
  7. The exp is fast but like...the chins are slow...I'll look a nd have 2k..then 5 min later seem slike i have 1980 lol
  8. I hate chinning lol I find it so slow and boring and I feel that I'm bad at it...thought mummies would be funner
  9. Oh dang....and huge congrats im 96 now thinkin if 99 is worth it
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