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  1. That, my friends, is the one and only picture of DeviousMUD, Andrew Gower's first beta version of an Java based game that would one day become RuneScape. He scraped the project and began work on RSC.
  2. Hello everyone. Now that I have your attention, I will now take this time to announce to you all that I have offically retired from the game of RuneScape. Here are my reasons: 1. It takes too much time away from my homework. 2. It's not fun anymore. 3. I have no friends in the game. 4. I got hacked, and I'm dirt poor. My RuneScape name is (was) Killy2Billy. Look me up if you wish, althought it's nothing to gloat over. I had a great time back in the old days. I created my account on May 25th, 2003. I used to have many friends, but many have either left the game or we have lost contact over time. The best moment for me in the game was when I won a Red Halloween Mask and a Zamorak Kite Shield in a duel with my friend. (I staked a Santa Hat and Full Rune (t) for those who are curious.) I hope you all have fun while your RuneScape "career" lasts. I am planning to donate all my remaining GP to the Tip.It Events Team, but I will need a member of said team to post here, providing information where, when, and how to deliver the items to them. Althought I am quitting the game, I still will linger here to help new players and up my post count. :D Farewell RuneScape, I loved thee. Killy2Billy will live forever!
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