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  1. hey.. not even 5 mins and 3 great replies :) thanks guys now i got a hang of how you get the "ghostly armour"! :P Any other advices of cool outfits?
  2. What could a pure with 1 def wear ? Im lvl 67 with 2 def and im wearing a santa and nothing else :( I want to buy a nice outfit to wear @ PC. Since im not 70 def i cant wear ahrims, but theres another armour that all rich pures pk in aint it ? that looks like ahrims but lil more ghostly, wich armour is that ? Any other suggestions are welcome, remember, i want expensive armour,and good looking :) not just like yellow robe and destert boots etc. thanks.
  3. some1 i've known for 4 years and spend very much time with while im on rs, im now calling my rs mom :)
  4. i had like 34 mil in cash when i sold all my rune sets, daggers, longs, whips and stuff i pked, my rs mom gave me a early birthday gift so i could buy the mask, now im saving it's expensive as hell! :$
  5. Hi, Im the ice cold, c0ld 4s ice :) Im working on getting 85 strenght, 90 magic and 85 ranged. Those are my Combat goals. Also im aiming for 60 agility, 90 fletching. Im the one who tries to switch often between my trainings, sometimes range, sometimes melee etc. So i dont get bored :) I will try to have as much fun as i can on the game and keep the hard work up and finally some day, i'll reach my goals ! :D I will post pictures of every lvl i can take picture of, so stay active on my thread! Enjoy mates ! 66 Ranged Few days later. I was proud to keep the 1 def as long as i did, but then, i lagged to much when i switched between range style and invent, and it turned on long range. well.. 70 ranged here tho Gna keep the range lvls up now still got few k of canon balls left. then go for 75 mage. Did some cammy teleport erlier today, and got this :) 5/9 - 06 Fletched and stringed some yew and alched it, got this in the way: 5/9 - 06 Did some pc and rock crabs today :D : 6/9 - 06 and one more! same day! :D : 6/9 - 06 One more lvl before sleep time :) 74 magic ! 6/9 - 06 Power ranged some canon balls : 10/9 - 06 Enjoy :) C0ld
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