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  1. This is looking very good. Amazing work on it Uular! -Valor
  2. Uular are you able to use Ventrilo or Messenger? if so PM me nd I can sort out a way to chat >.
  3. If you need some extra help gimmie a shout, I can help edit some pics if u need.
  4. It's a theory that I would love to know is real or not :-) Can anyone whos done EXP checks shed any light? -Valor
  5. I'm off to work now. Will get 89 WoodCutting today, I'm getting closer and closer to 75 Farming, and when I get 75 I have : 3 Mage Seeds 2 Yew Seeds + 10 Palm Seeds To plant :-) Hoping that they will get me to 76 fairly fast after I level :-) ----- Also farmed 250 Aventoe and an extra 150 Irit so far as well.
  6. This situation really stinks, and can't be fixed with methods suggested like combat levels or other skill requirements without making drastic changes to the game. I hope jagex get some great ideas.
  7. Yeah, Willows and Maples will be Firemaking, Yews fletched and teaks into Cons
  8. Nice stuff, crafting cape a good cape to have! Good luck
  9. Leveled WC a few times! got nearly 25k logs - 1.2k irits now, but started doing aventoes for a lil more exp. Ran outa compost tho so having to get pineapples. 1 more level in farming and im going to do a big farming trip of 3 Mage seeds 2 Yews and 4 Palms that ive gotten so far :-)
  10. 1% into the level o.0. Well, we all gotta start somewhere! Good Luck!
  11. what do u meen with of course? just look at woodcutting, u cut magic logs with the same speed at lvl 75 then 99, no faster with higher lvl..so think again.. I calculated the nonstop exp with iron and i got this: 51432 xp/h :-k can this be true? iron faster then granite at my mining lvl? Eeh You are supposed to get more exp per hour at granite than at Iron, so maybe you are calculating something wrong? But if you are finding you ger more at Iron, then just train there :-)
  12. Oooh yeah. My bank has this: in it! First stage done! now to cut down 45,000 different logs! Won't take me toooo long I hope.
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