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  1. I wonder if they will add the wildy lvl's thing it would be interesting if they wouldnt :twisted:
  2. Good fight Mod Mark \ But you fail 8-), its one of fun orb games btw
  3. Not sure if it has been posted before if yes then delete it , but well you can right click player tutor and select work for prayer tutor its pretty much like WOM minigame, she told me to bring her 26 leather gloves for church Edit: I see it works for other tutors too
  4. I like Ahrim and Verac , not for bonuses, for good look :
  5. You should be able to choose which tutorial you want lummy one or tutorial island one. Lummy one would be more fun and mainly for first time people in RS and people who allready know how RS work and tutorial island just a quick walk through all basic things, allthought as expirienced RS player I found that tutorial quite boring lol
  6. Whats wrong with it? Our characters look like robots. Geez its only a game, why dont you put some robe/skirt on so it will cover it up \
  7. I see, but whats so wrong about it ? If it really bothers you then report it to Jagex.
  8. For me it looks normal, am I blind or something :roll:
  9. ^ I was thinking of going to Karamja I might do it later :
  10. I was bored so I putted my Gandalf clothes on and ... \
  11. You never know what Jagex got in their heads... You never know what may lie below Lumbridge.... And Jagex may realse it... .... or they can make us shear some sheep :mrgreen:
  12. Done this quest couple of weeks ago personally I found the vampire guy the hardest to kill had 3 attempts: 1st:ran out of food and had to run away, 2nd: Again ran out of food and surived with 1 hp :ohnoes: 3rd: sucesfully killed him with no food left and 4 hp left. Overall the quest wasnt hard but it surely was scary, I think that long and scary quests are the best, they really take you into the lore of the game.
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