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  1. They all thought I was on drugsssss
  2. TY That one was a little confusing any other ones?? I might try that one tho too
  3. I need a guide for Fire Cape I have Guthans and like 33 purple sweets but idk how to do this or start or whatever Links are appreciated and if I die during this, do I lose items?
  4. alright TY I will try jellies then!!
  5. dont jellies hit hard w/o like dragonhide
  6. I need a place I can use minimal food and preferably Guthans.. a place where I can get clue scrolls.. anyone have any good spots?? Also, ranging places work too!
  7. ughhh I hate quests. After 2500 lobs, monkfish here I come lol.
  8. I dont want to buy like hundreds of thousands of feathers for fish that like dont sell lol I might fly fish from 98-99 tho, so that last level goes fast.. but I just need to know like other better ways besides monks and if I do lobbies/sharks, when to start sharks as a faster way
  9. I am just about 80 right now I am currently fishing lobbies in the fishing guild Idk if monk fish are worth the time taken to do the quest or not.. I could use the money from the lobs And if I continue with lobbies, what level should I switch to shark catching? Around level 94 or something??
  10. Do craft and mage at the same time Buy green hides for 1.55 mil and the nats for what? 300 ea?? Then craft into bodies (assuming ur at least 63 craft) and then high alch green bodies for like 4.6k or w/e they alch for.
  11. K, well lets re-phrase, best spot to kill monsters who are aggresive without having to move much
  12. Is it the bandits, as the true best spot?? Or is there others idk about
  13. alright TYVM, I will get some of these stinkin quests done finally lol!
  14. Idk where to find them, RuneHQ says at the end of Tarn's lair, but IDK where or what that is.. can anyone help or show me a map or something :\
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