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  1. I believe that any game can be drastically improved by just adding sounds from Duke Nukem
  2. LordBost


    If i get attacked in BH by a person that is not my target and i kill him, do i get to loot him whiteout a penalty :?:
  3. :uhh: the sig must be broken, i doubt i have got that much exp just today
  4. About the way to get there, i use boat from camelot. Updated the drops whit a more recent trip whit more realistic drops. Will try to finish the guide now that i got Christmas holiday. :thumbsup: EDIT: :wall: i meant to say i teleport to camlot and take boat from Catherby
  5. Cave horrors are Slayer monsters that require level 58 slayer, witchwood icon and a light source to successfully hunt and kill. You can find these monsters in The Mos Le'Harmless Caves, which are found on Mos Le'Harmless. To get to Mos Le'Harmelss you need to finish Cabin Fever. Are you looking for a way to get lvl 3 Clue scrolls, or maybe a Black mask? Then look no further, this guide will help you get both! If you are looking for fast exp, don't bother reading the rest. You do not get any decent exp from these [hide=Gear] They use a magic based attack so the best armor to use will be dragonhide. You will need the money for the boat to Moss Le'Harmless, but that i will cover in the "How to get there" part. You also have to remember to take a witchwood icon and a light source (like a mining helmet) whit you.[/hide] [hide=How to get there.] More coming soon..[/hide] [hide=Drops]from my experience i get 1 clue each trip and 1 black mask about every 3rd trip or so. Sometimes you get lucky \ Clue scrolls: [/hide] What i am going to add: - How to get there. - What they drop. - The best spot to kill them. Feel free to come whit suggestions on what to add :)
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