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  1. Sorry, no support. The newer keyloggers are able to watch your keystrokes and even your screen, in those cases, even a bank pin isn't safe. The best you can do is having up-to-date anti-virus software and not download supicious files.
  2. I was just killing some ogres after this update and i got this item as drop: I haven't even started the rag and bone man quest. So, what is it :s ?
  3. I don't believe in multiboxing. I always turn up the sound effects and found a good way. You hear "chk" twice when lightning a fire. The first "chk" you click on you tinderbox and your second "chk" is your log, from then, you can do like this: chk1: log chk2: box chk1: box chk2: log chk1: log chk2: box chk1: box ..and so on. Just try it out, it works very good for me.
  4. Thank you =) Could you note my name as J. Ceasar instead of JCeasar, J. Ceasar is my in-game name :P
  5. I've done this Lumbridge FireMaking for a while, these are routes for (almost) full inventorys.
  6. Nice suggestion, you should keep in mind that these 'F' keys are used in Internet Explorer and other browsers for things like Help Menu. Am I also allowed to edit these pictures? Support. EDIT Do you think you can use these?
  7. Two Santa Hats here. How many Santa's would i need to a p hat? :P
  8. I know a way to make it so that you dont have to keep clicking the book but players will follow u to the clicked spot. I won't tell it. But I think jagex will fix it soon.
  9. inferno_char is right, once you've been in the highscores but stopped playing or what ever, so your rank gets beaten, this will ocure...
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