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  1. Thanks! Err I don't know lol, I just took out a rune warhammer I had left in my bank, couldn't really use any of my members items when I logged in. :P Ah I remember that cabbage cult... And yeah I meant godly players. No famous players now? I remember seeing Zezima going around with a whole gang following him in amazment. No surprise there I suppose, the main page looks heavily commercialized now.
  2. So I've been playing WoW for nearly 3yrs after leaving runescape (just about when grand exchange was introduced). But I think I've just rediscovered RS, after seeing how much of RS has changed. :) I think I might even play p2p for a while until WoWs Cataclysm comes. So many questions :o 1 What are Rares like now? Not worth much? Just put my only santa hat in the GE for like 75m! Has inflation skyrocketed? 2 Whos the "god" of RS right now? When I left, it was Zezima. 3 This dungeoneering thing looks decent, I had ago with the lumbridges one. How do I level it up? 4. I hit one of the first few dungeoneering monsters, and I hit 138 with just a rune warhammer! :o Combat ratings shot through the roof much? I remember only hitting 35-ish with my abbysal whip at 117 combat level (is the abby whip still a good weapon? :P)
  3. I have the game now, but haven't started it yet. I read the reviews and say this game is very bad: Broken and very buggy. Gamespot has given it a score of 5 out of 10. :( That makes it even worse than Just Cause (which I thought would completely own Just Cause) which had a 7 out of 10 from Gamespot. I was really hoping for Mercs 2 to be an amazing and very fun game. I have been waiting for this game for nearly 3 years. I was hoping EA wouldn't ruin this game, but they have. :( I have also been visiting there own official forum when Mercs2 was in production and they looked like they were putting so much work into this game now only to find that this hard work has dissapeared. I am very dissappointed in this game, especially EA itself for not giving Pandemic time to test and fix the game properly and adding the things they promised. It is a big let down. :cry:
  4. Jagex did mention there will be level restrictions with who you fight, so theres not complete freedom with fighting with anyone. When Jagex mentioned about the good 'ol days of Runescape, they make it sound so ancient, as if it was like hundred years ago. :P
  5. Yeah thanks, I'll sell before it's too late.
  6. I haven't played RS for 8 months so far and I have a mask set (I still login to check out the updates). The prices of rares have steadily been going down in price and I'm worried if my mask set will become worthless. I bought my masks for: 9mil for green, 27m for blue and 40m for the red and have all gone really low in price. Should I sell them before they become even more low price or hold on to them until something amazing happens to the rare market?
  7. Yes, im my eyes this is RS3, even if Jagex doesn't want to call it that. ;) I looked up some WoW players responses of the new graphics and they still think Runescape is crap...no surprise there then.
  8. Completely agree with the das. Although this big graphic update will certainly have a graphical overall on (hopefully) all parts of Runescape, there is still many things just left there after its update.
  9. I must say, the graphics look amazing! A little too good in fact. The interface is very much like WoW's. It might make me come back, I'm kind of running out of things to do in WoW. :P
  10. Thought I'd tell you guys how I'm doing in WoW as a first timer. :) My human paladin is lvl 70 now and just bought my first flying mount today. :P I'm not holy or retri spec'ed, but being a prot pally does suit me more. Oh and I'm on the EU-Hellfire realm and although I'm on the alliance, Horde are REALLY good at BGs on my realm and probably win around 95% of lvl 70 BGs. It's kinda depressing losing all the time, but I'm slowly starting to get my epic gear. I'm also starting a female troll rogue (lvl 16 atm) on the same realm, hopefully she'll be a lot more succesful in BGs. :wink:
  11. I think they have gone down in price mostly because they are no longer popular anymore. Many people now want the new, more useful and uncommon items, like many TT items and God Wars items. Another big factor would of course be the GE. It's sad to see rares not being popluar anymore. :( I'm personally holding on to my rares.
  12. Glove? Is there other stuff to? I've only got the snowglobe and emote. :-s
  13. The face of Runescape has been very quickly changing these last few months, in my eyes the Wilderness ditch (aka Ditch of Stupidity) was the first of these changes, wether to combat stupidity, autoers or just make playing Runescape a little too easy. Although I'm not really a veteran of RS, I am starting to miss the good old days of Runescape. :( I think me leaving RS for WoW is probably for the better. :|
  14. Yep, I realised that to when I saw a picture of it in the KB. I don't think the person who updates the website knows much about the game, so he probably just put "sabertooth". :P
  15. I wanted to sell my 60k+ fire runes for 8gp each, but I was forced to sell them for at least 12gp each. :?
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