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  1. rewards are: 1 quest point access to summoning skill 275 gold charms 276 summoning experience points
  2. Speak to pikkupstix in taverly listen to what he has to say climb up the ladder for a short cut scene talk to pikkupstix again listen to what he has to say walk west to white wolf mountain and walk up the mountain east a bit and you will see a dead body (stikklebrix) search the dead body for the wolf bones you will need walk back to pikkupstix listen to what he says he will give you the rest of the supplies and a key to the trap door use the key on the trap door in his house use the pouches he gave you on the obelisk use one of the wolf pouches on the obelisk to get scrolls go upstairs and speak to pikkupstix go up the ladder summon your wolf click the howl button on the summoning interface and then click the volfentinger go back down the ladder and speek to pikkup stix again go down the trap door and right click the obelisk and recharge your summoning go upstairs for your reward
  3. search the dead body on the moutain for the bones!
  4. For help in the quest [hide]search the dead body on white wolf mountain for 2 wolf bones instead of waisting your time killing wolfs[/hide]
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