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  1. I personally loved RFD, monkey madness and one small favor. now, i haven't actually done mournings end (either part) so i cant tell you what i think of those. I did hate sheep herder.....it was annoying, stupid and utterly pointless.
  2. this was very interesting to read. I recieved a temporary ban a couple months ago for allegedly trying to scam someone. I have no clue what they are refering to, and i now have two black marks when i dont even know what the first one was supposed to be. oh well, ill jsut have to keep my nose clean for a while. P.S. It is hilarious to try to read this or any other times article trough gizoogle. (hope its not illegal to say that, very sorry if it is)
  3. This is the best TipIt times article I have read. I happen to have dyslexia and tend to switch my letters around sometimes, but for the most part I try to type intelligibly. I also have a pet peeve of spelling correctly. Whenever I see a completely slaughtered spelling of a word, I flip out at whoever typed it. I also play RS at night for the most part, and have to type in the dark. This sometimes causes problems too, but I at least make an effort to spell correctly (I am one of those people who has to look at the keys when they type). Anyway, this was a great times article P.S. Was that a reference to Brave New World with the "Class B semi-morons" part? Becauseif it was, and my memory serves me right (its been a year since I read the book) then I think its Class D semi-morons.
  4. Orishnu


    i have seen screenys all over the boards an di want to post some too...... Problem is i have no idea how :oops: could some1 plz tell me how to take screenys on a mac?
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