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  1. @ all charity commercials. [spoiler=um...]I hope that pic wasn't offensive to anyone..
  2. hopefully the forums will still be alive hwen robot is finished with it.
  3. you mean what robot did. he's too ashamed to admit it we're trying to add a thanks mod to the forums so that we could thank each other
  4. That's disgusting. Oh dear.. I hope I haven't offended anyone with my super close up pic of porn.. I hope I don't get reported! :ohnoes:
  5. now we can post close up pictures of porn... like really close up pictures. pics like this:
  6. I have feelings. anyways.. I explained on the other forums as to why I decided we had to move.
  7. She started hosting her own forums instead of relying on forumer to do it because their terms of use sucked. Its still at www.xoozo.com I know, but the new forum sucks. It's ugly, stupid, and I don't like it. forums don't have feelings.
  8. That stuff is just disgusting. I don't get how people enjoy it. you obviously never had cream soda made by fanta brand, and carnation canned milk.
  9. so why did she try to kill herself?
  10. :rolleyes: I have no idea why Also I didn't go to prom.. dress, shoes, nails, hair.. all to spend 2 hours sitting down.. not having fun and wishing i was on the internet. <_< so I decided not to go and stayed home. I had a lot more fun that all my friends. <3:
  11. <_< I refuse to say anything more out of fear of getting banned like my other forum members. the banning has been rather inconsistent of late and I'd rather not break any rules by talking more about this.
  12. actually.. tbh, I wouldn't be annoyed at the mods, if it wasn't for that one mod that couldn't even spell the word "image" correctly.. <_< I'm not a grammar nazi or anything... but stuff like that coming from a mod is pretty bad. How come no one does anything about that?
  13. if I was there... in 19 minutes you'd be saying "where'd the pizza go?"
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