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  1. thanks for the link, came to the forum to ask this very question and was pleasantly surprised to find it already answered. (Now posting from Ubuntu :D )
  2. DarkRider

    Great MMORPGS?

    though I would have put it differently, I agree. Been hooked on eve for over a year now. Though, admittedly, it's not for everyone.
  3. What I find really interesting is that we changed these viruses to basically act like nanobots for us. While they weren't completely assembled by us, they do serve the same function, little machines that build something on a nanoscopic scale.
  4. to answer your question, nope. Shot Online
  5. 100 million would get you just a battleship, no insurance or guns or any mods, so you'd basically just be a flying lump of hitpoints, and I would put a pretty penny on you losing it very quickly, especially without any supporting skills. My advice would be to not take the easy way out and "get your hands on" 100m isk. Just because you have the money to buy a ship and the basic skill requirements doesn't mean you can fly it well. Just play the game starting from scratch and be a "noob" for a little while, that's where a lot of my best Eve memories lie. also keep in mind this game isn't about who has the biggest ship, but about who knows how to fly their ship well. I've played the game for over 9 months and I've never flown a battleship, not because I don't have the money or skills, but because I'm having a blast flying tech 2 frigates with 1/10th the hit points of a battleship and can be just as useful as a battleship even if I don't have 1400mm guns.
  6. I won a free copy of that game in a drawing and played it all of 10 minutes before I got bored and quit :wink:
  7. they didn't take it out, use "french military victories"
  8. between Eve and Oblivion and this I may never be able to peel my eyes away from my computer screen.
  9. nope, most of the people on there actually are real players, the Salvador guy is the only "fake" one i know of. If you want, next time you're in a station click on the missions button on the right then go to the bounty tab, then the most wanted tab and you can see all the people with huge bounties on their heads.
  10. that Salvador Serpati guy is just a guy the devs use for events and stuff, not too long ago there was an event where he stole a gallente titan. According to the storyline he is the head of the Serpentis npc pirate faction (who you may or may not have run into yet depending on your area). As for what to train first, I would say get comfortable with using the best frigate of your race then go for all the learning skills to 3 or 4 except for the charisma one, at this point in time it's pretty useless. In the end sometimes it's just best to take a look through some of the skills in the market and see which ones you think you'd benefit most from. Engineering and Electronics are also nice to get up, as they increase the power grid and cpu of your ship making it a bit easier to fit what you want on it.
  11. someone showed me this in IRC once and it is pretty dang addicting Ninja Game it's a little puzzle/platform game with over a hundred levels. another link, think it's a bit bigger.
  12. trial key sent to indy, have fun :D
  13. a little advice on the ship setup for Nadril's new punisher It's a general rule to stick to either shield tanking or armor tanking, not both, and since amarrian ships generally have few mid slots for shield tanking stuff, it's best to go with armor tanking and put maybe an afterburner and some electronic warfare mod in the mid slots, Webifiers work nicely here to slow down your enemy and make it easier to hit and catch up with. In the low slots I would suggest an armor repairer and an armor plate, with maybe a capacitor power relay to speed up capacitor regen or some resistance plating (depending on which type of npcs you are fighting) to reduce the damage you take. In the high slots a few lasers obviously, and since there is a slot that is neither launcher nor turret you could stick a nosferatu to drain energy from your oponents and add it to your own capacitor, very useful if you run out of cap fast. This is all being said without ever having flown the ship and on second thought it is probably impossible to fit all that without good fitting skills, some of the stuff you probably can't even use yet, but it's really just to give you a few ideas. like Nadril said, there really is no restriction on what you can be, if you find yourself getting bored with something, you can just stop training those skills and start training other ones. This isn't a game where you choose a class and then are stuck with it forever. You really can be anything you want to be in this game, in-game there are pirates, ninjas, mercenaries, mob bosses, drug smugglers, all within the context of outer space of course, but it is pretty much as open ended as it gets.
  14. in-game I'm Ten'ketel if anybody wants help or just someone to talk to
  15. I've been absolutely hooked too for 9 months or so. And to anybody looking for a game and wouldn't mind putting their $15 to work every month, I would definitely suggest trying it out. I can email anyone interested a 14 day buddy trial account, I wouldn't suggest posting your email here, but if you can pm it to me or enable it in your profile I can get one to you. A few awesome videos for you guys to check out of you are interested Eve Never Fades trailer (Hi Res, 118 MB) Eve Never Fades trailer (Lo Res, 30 MB) A great player-made trailer (34 MB, right click -> save as)
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