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  1. This. Get XBL/PSN/Steam/whatever, go outside, get a job, girlfriend, go out with friends. JUST STOP PLAYING. Coming back on once in a while is ok, but once you stop playing, you realize just how boring the game is. The game is stupid, and a time waster. When I quit RS back in December, I got XBL (finally), and started playing with some other guys at school. Eventually we all became friends and played all of the time. Around February, I got a girlfriend. Best time of my life. Prom, kissing, having fun, dates. All of that. While I was playing RS, I was ~220 lbs. After quitting, I started losing weight and working out. I am now at a comfortable 182 and am relatively strong. I have a job (something I probably wouldn't have if I still played), and am saving for a Jeep. When I played RS, I never went outside, never talked to friends, anything. As soon as I got home, I sat down, turned on the laptop, and wouldn't leave the chair until I went to bed. Eventually, the game just turns into a giant grind, you don't feel the fun you used to Granted, I did come back and play for a bit when D'eering came out, but even that lost it's fun. This is the point you need to tell yourself to stop. Getting on once in a while to see how friends are doing, talking, maybe do a few things, but otherwise just do something else. May I ask why do you still stay here if as your profile says "runescape is stupid"?
  2. Maybe people will see the light and realise the error of their ways like I did? Hopefully at an earlier stage? If just one person does then this has been well worth posting. Yeah, woe is he who has plays a videogame for fun. :rolleyes: But are you actually playing them for fun? Or due to addiction which tricks you thinking it's fun? Like you play to start to have fun etc and feel good as you play but continue to play to relieve negative emotions for not playing.
  3. Maybe people will see the light and realise the error of their ways like I did? Hopefully at an earlier stage? If just one person does then this has been well worth posting.
  4. I think often articles about the positive things are just ways of justifying the excessive play time spent. For example often reasons are things like "ohh it's helped me understand economics, for example supply and demand" But if you think about this that person could learn this in 1/1000th+ of the time they're played the game.
  5. Hey guys. I quit runescape and got permanently banned. My life is so much better now. After 4/5 years playing I didn't realise how much time that game takes up, and how much extra time to work towards my IRL goals I now have. Anyway there is one problem: withdrawl symptoms. I get these where i end up feeling bad etc, wanting to play etc etc. I don't want to start again as i'l waste more time, but how do i cope with these? This thread should help other people with this also. Oh by the way, people should quit runescape, your life will probably improve. The only thing it gives is a fake sense of achievement. Real achievement from in real life means is far more satisfying and worthwhile. I know people who have got Repetetive strain injuries from playing and this is extremely bad. I realised I was playing to fulfill the social interaction and need for "success" i lacked in real life, and this kept me addicted. We all need to look at why we are playing, and change this.. Thanks in advance.
  6. Maybe giving something for people to become members for? Something for people to look forward to, and be "exciting", and different? There aren't many things on r.s to look forward to that you know are definitely happening (obviously things like monsters drops, but they are not certain.) Also allows people to train their most hated skills, thus being less bored. All in all to increase money obviously.
  7. I'm just wondering which order melee stats would be quickest to train to eventually get maxed melee? I'm leaving defence until last so it will go alot quicker with 99 attack and strength, but which would make it quicker training to 99 first? 99 attack or strength? I was going to get 85 attack, then 99 strength and keep my 80 defence, but would it be quicker another way then aiming for 85/99/80? I am training at armoured zombies if that helps at all. Thanks for any input :)
  8. Ok, so it logged me out, now it says this when i try and log in how do i correct this? Thanks!
  9. Or are there any problems? Thanks for any help.
  10. Oh sorry, erm it is made by eSys i think, no idea of the model? Ok so guys i should buy a nvidia or ati card and 2gb ram, and will this make HD playable? Also, not sure which other games i'l play, maybe Quakelive? Probably not anything else.
  11. Hello, i don't have a clue about computer specs, but i was wondering what could i buy to make my computer faster, and be able to run HD lag free. HD does run, but it is very very laggy. Here are the specs i think: Windows Vista Home Premium. Intel Celeron CPU 2.66GHz 0.99 GB Ram Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family Thanks for helping, it is really appreciated.
  12. Hello, haven;'t trained construction in ages, maybe since it came out, apart from, tears of guthix so i don't know how people train nowadays and what way is the best. WHat should i do, how long will it take, and how much will it cost? Thanks for any help.
  13. Hey, haven't slayed in years so i'm abit behind with this kind of stuff. I don't really want to spend more than 15mil so what stuff should i buy? I will be training strength by the way.I was thinking full dragon with black mask,fury and d scimmy? And then maybe try to go for that fancy slayer helmet. How long does that slayer helmet take to get? Is it possible to make an income with slayer, say over 150k an hour? Thanks for answering any my questions.
  14. I'm confused because many peopel selling them ask for edibles+cash? Why is this? Also, i searched forums and people are selling phats for cash+ loads of junk, why is this, why isn't the ge updating to the price people sell? Do people actually buy the phats for these crazy amounts of junka and cash? Please let me know, it's very confusing, sorry if this sounds silly, but i don't know due to a break
  15. What do you guys suggest? I've just done Royal Trouble and looking from some advice from some advanced MTKers! Thanks!
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