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  1. i havent seen the runecrafting emote so ill have to say agility!!! whooo agility!!!
  2. how bout this u jest type like "magic" and it shows magic lvl and xp or like a hotkey
  3. this is getting kinda popular page i like being a member and the reason i did buy was becuse if i wanted a challange i had to pwn ppl at black warriors fortress lol they were in groups and they got pwned! clans rock but i take my friend pking more never know who is jellious of your armor
  4. the wizards took the cookie from the cookie jar! "who us?" yes you you little cookie thifes! mages dont have lvl 80 thife! how did you steal it!? Stealing from elfs is wrong man!
  5. thats how the cookie crumbles i hope no1 already made this joke lol
  6. it got to 2 pages and i suggest nagging and annoying your parents like the simpsons children lol or do what i did and buy by phone while parents r away lol it records as a phone call
  7. im gona buy more soon in the morning cuz my mom said nonono :shame: but i say forget you :XD: and then my mom gos :wall: when she sees phone bill lol
  8. my mom doesnt know im a member i bought by phone when she was at work lol
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