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  1. Sometimes a different floor than the 1 I did, gets ticked off (when I've already done the floor). When does it happen en when doesn't it ? For instance: you do floor 19 twice and floor 18 gets ticked off the second time.
  2. I can smith them too :) I got a kratonite battleaxe bound, which is why I hadn't have the spear :( I realize my stats are low (hence my f2p combat maxed main) but I was able to like kill ALL dung bosses until this one :( I thought there were hints I was missing :( yea I could :P But I don't like the normal training, and if I do normal training I do that on my main. He has unbankbable items (f2p bank 50 items overstock) and that's why I can't dung on that account anymore :( Thanks to both of you though :)
  3. I'm playing on my noob account: Attack 30 Strength 24 Defence 29 HP 30 Ranged 18 Magic 17 My combat is 31 I just had the boss Har'lakk, combat lvl 84. I was COMPLETELY unable to hit it, neither survive it. I checked RS wiki and it said weaknesses magic, ranged and stab. I used a marmaros spear (I didn't have the money to get me a krantonite something spear), I tried ranging it until my arrows were all gone and I tried maging it (earth strike, I can't RC chaos runes) I got my gatestone right at the boss room, I just kept dying (like 40 times) and its hp was down to 66% of full hp. I can hit it twice, maybe triple until I die. Eating is pointless, my best food were tier 3 (heal 70) and it hit me 140 all the time. I tried all armour, marmaros full, wildercress and protoleather. None were effective. So, how am I supposed to kill this :S?
  4. Are waterfiends faster? Waterfiends are faster once you get an iron titan. Wyverns are always faster but you need turmoil or a unicorn, high stats etc. I'm melee maxed, will soon have a rapier and I have access to piety. If that's okay?
  5. I'm 99% sure you are still going to lose money even if you burst. Meh :D if i have yaks and then I can bank all my infernal ashes, blue hides, dragon bones etc etc, I think I'll make my cash back in no time :D
  6. RuneScape Hello again guys!! Were having issues with our core hosting providers they are looking into it but we still have no timeframe. We really appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this. :) ~Zach
  7. Facebook: RuneScape Hi again guys, quick update: Your savegame will not be lost if you have been disconnected if you are still in the game then please keep playing! The login problem should be solved shortly :) ~Scorpion 24 minutes ago RuneScape Hi guys, we are aware that the game has gone down we are doing all we can to resolve the issue. Thanks for your patience ~Mod Scorpion 48 minutes ago
  8. Thankies :\ Gonna be an expensive level 96 o_O
  9. Hi, I want to get 96 summoning with ice bursting. How many charms do I get per 1K ice bursts (average charm rate)? Thanks
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