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  1. I've never really had anything weird happen to me in RuneScape. Once A guy i dueled accidentaly stakes 30k tough. I won. I gace it back because that's the kinda person I am *cough cough*
  2. W00T i can't wait to get owned by another kind of dragon. =) Serioulsy though...It would be cool
  3. Fishing Guild- always feel good walking in there
  4. Welcome to runescape! Nasty. (Pollivnean Bandit)
  5. For christmas on runescape i'd want another 10k lobbys and maybe d legs. Hehe maybe 80 strength for my whip...
  6. I usually listen to music and maybe surf the net
  7. It's illegal to afk? No more making burgers while Fishing then...
  8. lol i left the fishing guild just to see the 'kick bed' ROFL what could it be As for the penguin sheep...
  9. To do that it would seriously take alot of time.
  10. Cooking 73, I have enough lobs for 74 though - Have the whole holidays to see how high I can get my fishing and cooking :D
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