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  1. Hi lobby, I know the last one. Shiny.... You had Uno do one for you. Badphooey do one. You got a pixel avvy from Uno. I think you have enough.
  2. They're wolves XD And obviously, the white one is the already the Alpha and he's confident, the grey one is plucking up his courage.
  3. Is it too big or something?? Yes. That height can only be 200 PX
  4. That look great! Thank you!! But I can't put it in my sig :(
  5. Pretty sure she isn't taking anymore requests.
  6. Holy cow! That's amazing. It's been worth the wait.
  7. :D =D> That looks awesome! 15/10
  8. Eh no biggy now. I'm just glad you didn't forget.
  9. Sorry, but this is the second pixel she said she would do for me then dissapeared. I just have horrible luck with pixels :wall:
  10. Just to let you know Uno I'll be gone for a bit so don't give my sig away if I don't answer immeidately. I'll put it on when I can.
  11. Wolves are awesome..... Yay. Mine's soon
  12. Description: One wolf is snarling, he's crouched low. He looks like he's circling another wolf which is staring at the other wolf. He stands regal and is barely snarling. He is bigger the circling wolf. They are in a forest with about four wolves watching. They are grey wolves but the circling wolf has a hint of blue on his fur(Not a lot, barely any). Size:(Tip it max is 450x200) Max tip.it Subtext: The Fight For Dominence
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