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  1. I have not played RS in maybe six months. Tried to browse some of the articles and news, but I'm curious... what's the current pulse of Runescape? Part of the reason (and just one small part) I quit was because of the terrible bot problem. It seems like recent updates have finally taken care of this? Or not? Seems like everyone's upset about the marketing techniques? But it seems like the biggest problem was always the bots and if that was fixed, it seems like everything else is a bit of smooth sailing for Jagex. Is Runescape a better game or worse game than it was 6 months ago?
  2. In answer to Leaving, I'm right there with you. While it wasn't a particularly enlightening article, I think it definitely gives a tap on how the Runescape players are going and where Runescape's going. Which is sad, sort of. Maybe. Honestly, though, like the author of the article alluded to, MMOs are a major problem because they are so addicting. I had been trying to quit Runescape for years, recognizing it as a time waster. But it's just so easy to go back to after a long day. I was on the verge of asking someone (who didn't care about RS) to change my password for me so I could overcome it. Then... I was scammed big time. Totally stupid on my part. I'd seen plenty of scammed stories and always scoffed that I was smarter than those dummies. lol. Anyway. I think I'm grateful that I lost those millions of gp. It was a wake-up call. On the one hand, I was kicking myself at my own stupidity. On the other... all that gp took hours and hours and hours to get. What a waste of a life! So... that's my story. I log back in to get holiday or seasonal items. If I ever do come back (which I don't think I will), that's the only thing I would have missed out by quitting. But, honestly, I'm grateful that loser scammed me. It finally gave me the power to quit. So... while I still like RS and wish the best for it, I bet there are a lot of people who are wasting a lot of time--many who don't really want to. So maybe things like this will allow them to spend their lives on better things...
  3. Actually, this was true in RS2, as well. I don't know how long I've been playing. My earliest holiday item is from Christmas 2005, but I may have been playing well before then and not paying attention. Anyway, I never played RSC and I insulted Aggie and she took my stuff once. lol
  4. I realize that Tip.It does not like to update things without proof, but it seems like in this instance the advice is leading people to take actions that they can't take back. I would encourage you to change it to "Make all but one of your Draman Staves." This will not affect your tip and is not saying anything that you haven't confirmed. I know I'm bummed that I can't make more Lunar Staves, though I don't blame Tip.It, of course. Here's the conversation on the RS forums that offers (at least a level of) confirmation of what I said: http://[Please Use QuickFind Code].com/c=34871027/f ... 1,57292134
  5. Don't know if this should go under discussion or correction. Anyway, I did Lunar Diplomacy, using the Tip.It guide off and on. Here's the tip I have a problem with: Following this advice, I just made one lunar staff. I completed the quest and went back to convert my other dramen staves. After some discussion on the RS forums, I believe that you cannot get a second one after you complete the quest. You can destroy your lunar staff and buy a new one (which can only be bought after buying a number of other clothes) but you cannot make a new one. However, one person said that they were able to convert their dramen staves into lunar staves during the quest. Therefore, it would be wise to make all your dramen staves (or all but one) into lunar staves while you're doing the quest, since you will not be able to afterwards. By the way, if anyone DOES know a way to convert dramen staves into lunar staves after the quest is completed, I would love to hear it.
  6. Huh? I've waited around many times for the gem stall to respawn. I've never been able to steal from an empty spawn. What are you talking about? Did you know... When rainbow fish first came out, the burnt fish cost significantly more than the cooked or raw fish? A number of people obviously took advantage of this by selling hundreds of burnt fishies. P.S. I don't post too often. My first attempt at a quote obviously didn't work. Anyone want to tell me what I did wrong?
  7. Do you sometimes hang out at the general store of a busy world for a change of pace? Do you marvel at the people who would sell cavaliers for 1 gp? (Or whatever ghastly low price they sell for to the store?) Well, I find the general store an interesting change of pace at times. My question: What items do you always buy if it pops up? What items do you always buy if they're at their lowest price? (I think that's generally more than 30 items.) I've never made a list myself, but thinking off the top of my head, here's some: Uncut gems Cow hides--tanned or not law runes air runes mind runes pure essences essences planks wine of Zamorak clay (wet) unicorn horns unicorn horn dust red spiders eggs limpwort root all seeds That's hardly a complete list for me... but it's a start. What does everyone else always buy at the shop because the price (or convenience) is stupendous?
  8. Hi, I don't know if this would belong in F2P or P2P discussion, but I've been wondering... I have level 49 agility (with my other character) but I recently canceled my membership. Does agility have any positive benefit in F2P? Will I be able to run longer? Thanks! [Moderator edit: Please use the Help & Advice boards for all your questions, your topic has been moved ~Philip Kolar]
  9. Hi, I'm trying to hire people to run coal. I have a system worked out, but I'd like feedback if what I'm offering is "fair." I figure I can mine 20 coal in the mining guild in 5-7 minutes. Then I trade 20 coal for 15 noted coal. That would mean the runner would earn 5 coal per run, and about 60 coal per hour. I could give them more than 20, but I figure that way they can be mining in the dwarven mine while they wait. So they'll actually be banking more than 5 coal a run. Is this fair? Would any reasonable person scoff at it? I'm high mining but low combat, so everyone has a natural tendency to scoff at me anyway. This is in a f2p world. Thanks
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