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  1. When did woodstock happen? :lol: Hehe, nice one mate. :lol:
  2. Hehe, he got kicked from my clan due to inactiveness recently, go get 'em cowboy :lol: Got some nice lobs there, mind sharing a few? Lol.
  3. Meh, it's not important, but hey, let him have his fun. I don't report very often because I'm too lazy to. Yes, too lazy. I salute him for his story, even though it's just another day. *salutes*
  4. Do what I do when you're fishing there. Just say your main is lvl 134 with a dragon plate and 0wnz y0uz 4ll 4nyd4y. Lol, they start flaming you and you just need to keep peace and simply tell them everything that you say is true and it's all possible, it's funny as hell.
  5. Dharok Karil Verac Torag Guthan Ahrim I did my first trip with my friend and that's what he does so it's what I do.
  6. 1) 22,006,696 Total Xp 2) 13,203,896 Cmb Xp 3) 59.999% XD Lol, well I need to do some training here soon so it'll go over 60% soon. Cmb is 101 btw, w00t, lol :cry:
  7. Hey guess what. You're 100% right! Let me explain the drop system to you all, you may flame me for thinking I'm a noob on this, but it makes a lot of sense. Some of my best friends and some P Mods have confirmed this, but didn't tell many people. So here it goes. There are such things as good and bad logins. It all is random. Some people have thought that there was a wheel, and eventually, you'd get something good, if you kept at it. But here's how it goes. When you login, you're given a specific login that has specific drops for specific monsters. Let's say you're slaying fire giants, and you have a bad login. This means that most of the items will be bad and what not, and it's complete luck which one of those you get. We'll call them slots. And nobody knows, but there's probably multiples of thousands of slots on each login. So there you are with a bad login at FGs and you have like 5 rune arrow slots, and 1k herb slots, and 49k coin slots. That's a bad login ffs. And it's like a wheel in a sense that you'll get these drops, and if you complete the whole "wheel" then it starts over. But in that log in, you'd get NO d drops. Then let's say you have an incredibly good log in, with 5k rune scimmies, 10k rune arrows, 1k d drops, and what not. You're going to get some nice drops. Now, sorry if some of that didn't make sense, I'm trying to rush because dinner is on the table. Also, the secret to getting more good items per login. Kill up to around 20 or so of whatever you're killing. Let's say once again, at FGs. You get a rune scimmy and some bloods and a half key. STAY ON THAT LOGIN, DON'T LOG OUT. You're in for some nice items. If it's just coins, log out, log back in, it resets the log in. The RoW doesn't do that much, but it adds a login that you can get, may not help that much. So I recommend instead of just puting on that ring and off to kill, put it on, log out, log back in and you have a better chance at good drops. I hope that helps a bit, just post if something seems wrong, I'll change it in a bit.
  8. It would be better if you would hit more, because you get a lot of 0s.
  9. Rofl, of course you don't mention your little comment in the corner of the pic. :lol:
  10. im training at karamja lessers so this is all i can come up with right now... gp: Lovely money! genie lamp: Wonder what happens if i rub it. wizards hat: A silly pointed hat. animal skull: Dead animal head. Lovely. deadly red spider: I think this spider has been genetically modified. i know they arn't great, but im bored...
  11. the stats part r unevenly spaced and the body spot where u put the plate is too high and doesn't show as much of a line to the helm as it does in the game, but nice work other wise
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