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  1. Let's see... A few months later... 1949 total and 113 cmb at the moment, trying to grind out 2k total. Finished up 85 Agility finally to get Ardy Elite. I love this beautiful purple cape. 95 Farming earlier today, that will be my first 99. All 70+ skills, working on 80+ right now. And most of my days are spent either rcing, slaying, or thieving at the moment. I love how casual I play now. Burned out on efficiency back in the day. And although I do like to get fast xp, I don't need to be as efficient as possible. It's a lot more fun and relaxing now.
  2. Wow you guys almost let my blog fall off the front page, wtf. I go away for a weekend and this is how you repay me??? Haven't been able to play much OSRS this past week, and it'll be hectic for at least the next few days as well.
  3. Got 80 Agility today. Ugh. Need 5 more for Ardy Elite diary. That'll take me 26ish hours. The grind continues.
  4. First quest cape I've ever owned. I generally hate quests so I barely did any back in the day. Finally completed them all in OSRS. Fairly big achievement imo, since it's something I've never done before, even if it's just 246 QP. Grinded out MEP 1+2, Darkness of Hallowvale, Rag and Bone Man plus list, and 8 other quests today. I'm wiped.
  5. Got 95 Mining, 96 Dg, and 98 Agility yesterday. Didn't realize that Skoll is active again, so I'll be getting 99 Agility next week.
  6. Well I've been gone long enough... Means I should make some sort of come back. Well, here it goes. So many of my friends are maxing now that still play, might as well finish it off. Working on Mining since it's afk enough so I can do other things, as well as maybe DGing/Fishing (C2s for fishing). Let's do it.
  7. Got 95 Hunter tonight. Haven't had as much time to play RS in the last two days due to coming home for the holidays and being busy. Still hoping for 95 Mining and 98 Agility this weekend.
  8. Starting to do some Hunter, but I'll be going back home for winter break, so I'll play later tonight on my laptop. Will miss my desktop over break :( And up to 3.7m total xp on runetracker in 24 hours. Been a long time since I've done that (5.1m is my record).
  9. Finally. Got 650k slay xp in 24 hours to finish this off. I'll be getting 95 Mining and 98 Agility this weekend. I might try to get 99 Hunter as my next maxed stat.
  10. Got 94 Mining last night. Doing 2 hours of Mining and half an hour of Agility (Festive Aura) each day. Should have 98 Agility and 95 Mining within a week. Also working primarily on Slayer in my extra time, so I should finish up 99 Slayer in a little over a week is my guess.
  11. I probably won't be posting many level up pics, however, I've been wanting 95 Dg for a while to access Warped floors. Btw, I'm only soloing Dg. And here's my solo med record for Occult floor 47. Also had a 10:14, 10:44 which were all my fastest times when I got each one. I also had a 12 minute something med before that, so a nice string of quick floors. Aiming for 94 Mining next.
  12. I want to keep playing, but I'd rather not pay for a full year, but only play 3 months of it. That way I can pay whenever I want to, rather than pay all the time. But I want to keep going until I max, just to get it out of the way.
  13. Never posted this. Not that it matters. Just got 98 Fishing today, and 94 Dg yesterday, will be getting 95 as well as 94 Mining very soon. Hopefully will get 95+ and then work on a mixture of Slayer and Dg. After that, it'll be a slow grind of Mining, Agility, and Hunter to finish off my maxed cape. I really want to finish up all 99s so I can stop my membership.
  14. I love you too Hedge. And mmmm, I was watching Community earlier today... Annie... mmmmm. But to answer your question: 9. None of the above
  15. o... Well let's see, I got 99 Fm, 96 Agility, and now 800k to 99 Slayer. So, yeah. Barely done anything this summer. But I'm still slowly chipping away at things.
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