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  1. Got 93 Agility prior to BXP Weekend. Got 94 last night during BXP, and will be working on 95 and 96 in the next week with the remainder of the weekend, plus about 600k more xp from my Skoll Boots. I might also finish off 98 Slayer (174k to go) and a Hunter level this week as well if I've got the time. I should have time, since Spring break starts about midweek for me, and I won't start working until until next weekend for break.
  2. Finishing up Shattered Rocks right now, just Thieving left. And then I'll get back to probably FMing to get 97.
  3. So I took another break from the game lol. I can't wait for all 99s so I can stop my membership :D I'll still play, but I hate paying for something that I'll go months without playing. Either way, finally got this. Will be playing more this month, due to BXP weekend (I want to uber train Agility/Mining then). I need to get 96 Mining so I can open all these effigies in my bank (13), so then I can slay again, since I'm only 2 levels away from maxing that. So I'd like to get 93 and 94 Mining so I can at least open up my 95 Mining effigies, prior to BXP if possible. And yeah, maybe I'll get 93 today, as I just have a bit over 200k xp to go.
  4. Haven't been playing much in the last week or two, not sure why. But little over 200k to that dang 93 Mining, and 400k to 99 Smithing. Mining is soooo boring. I think I'd rather Hunt lol, but we'll see what happens.
  5. Working on mining, but haven't really had the time to play much in the last 3 days. Been busy moving back down to school, and in my free time, have no lifed Black Ops (MW3 is stupid tbh). Something like 400-450k left for 93 Mining, and I'm just over 600k to 99 Smithing. Will probably superheat to get up to 99, and then after that, start assisting RC again.
  6. Got them all in about 2 days, not bad. Working on Mining right now. Can either mine, do quests to finish up WGS/ROTM, or Slay, in order to get some progress done. Oh, and the Hunter was from hunting Zamorak Jadinkos, and now I've got 99 banked in Zamorak vines. Just have to get some samaden and some more corrupt vines for the remaining Hunter pots.
  7. Yes, but your donation made me think I should donate, so I thank thee. Buuuuut, I'm going to donate more. So there. Noob. And welcome back Crus, not a surprise that you go for the slowest 99 out there first, seems you always pick unreasonable goals that you never finish :P
  8. Working on it! Gotta get 99 Slayer first >.< After that it'll be a bit of agility/mining, effigy opening, and then finishing up the skills finally.
  9. Hey, I can donate some money when we're both next online, to help you out.
  10. ikr Didn't really get to play yesterday due to being busy, so I haven't really Slayed much since getting 97. I have been training my noob account a little bit, just for a change in scenery. Trying to get all 60 melee stats right now (60-58-59, was 60-57-52 yesterday). Might end up getting some membership on it again sometime. But want to focus on maxing out Codguy first (when I say maxing, I think of all 99+).
  11. About 40k until 97 Slayer, which I'll get tomorrow. Think I'll finish up 20m Att xp (about 1.1m to go) and then move on to a couple of other things before getting back to Slayer. Collecting Effigies right now, so I can use them on Agility later once I'm a higher level, as well as a higher Mining level so I can open up more effigies using Mining. Up to 8, 6 of which I got in the last 250k xp in the last 2 days, the other 2 in the previous 50k xp, but that was like 6 weeks ago lol. Oh, and I got a whip vine today, thank you 4m. Oh and a Dark Bow... But tbh, 180k? Whatever.
  12. Pretty much all I did today was Slay, which was awesome that I actually played some RS today lol. Just 198k to 97 Slay, and I got 30m Def xp today! Woo, so now I'm gonna finish up 97 Slay and 20m Att xp (1.7m to go). And afterwards I'll probably work on a bit of Dg (enough to get me 20m Str xp, less than 300k xp, since I only train Str in Dg), and do some quests. Hoping to finally do WGS and a bunch of these quests that everyone has done lol.
  13. :D So yesterday, I actually got online and did my Slayer task! Was Nechs, but was too lazy to use a familiar so it took a while lol. So I thought, why not do another task today, and hell if I can do 1 task a day, maybe I'll actually get the hang of things and start playing again. Well, I decided not to go to bed early, so ended up doing Irons, Bloodvelds (2 effigies), Abby Specs, and in the middle of a Mutated Jadinkos task (Males ftw) which I'll finish up tomorrow. Wow, I actually made some progress in the game for once.
  14. and wot about ur att/str/def/pray/summon???????????? and y do u hate da desert. da desert is naise
  15. Never did get into RS over Thanksgiving break unfortunately. Still wanting to play, but things like MW3 have been taking up my time. Just prestiged today for the first time, and I also got my first M.O.A.B. today as well. Was epic. Was 19-0 when I realized how well I was doing (was being very aggressive in Ground War Domination, and when my roommate started watching, I checked the score and freaked that I was so close). So I did sort of camp for the next 5 kills, because I didn't want to die lol. It was on Bootleg, and I was right by an enemy flag (their only one) so I new I'd encounter plenty of traffic so I just stayed in a small room. I freaked when I got it, especially since I never even got a nuke in MW2, and that was easier to do lol. So now I feel like I want to keep going for M.O.A.B.s, we'll see. 15k to 98 smith btw :P
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