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  1. I'd never take a job that makes me shave. Facial hair 4ever.
  2. Why hello there.

  3. Guess I forgot to take a picture of 92 Dg that I got the other day. Got around 600-700k xp or so, was pretty nice.
  4. I wish I could be you. Except an older you. 12 is too young.
  5. I have actually seen lots of people fail the trivia. Not necessarily get kicked, but usually asked by a wingman or someone who's hosting a floor that isn't a keyer, etc. Many people end up reading the guidelines, at least they say, over and over (omfg 6 [email protected]@ except not), and cannot find it. This is probably because a lot of people don't think that trivia is that important, they'll open up the tab, without really reading it, and just think it's for a bit of fun. I think an acceptable way to manage things is to tell them to read the guidelines, ask them afterwards, and if they can't figure it out, then just emphasize that they have to read the ENTIRE first post of guidelines. At that point tbh, I'd personally make sure to read every tab, specifically the one that I may have skimmed over previously. Anyways, just emphasizing that they have to read the entire post, rather than just saying, "Re-read or you'll get kicked." Or whatever. Just a thought.
  6. Although I wouldn't recommend a plate, I do think that it should be added. I would say that I'd only even consider a primal plate as a third bind if you key basically every floor.
  7. And that had so many god damn key doors. I'm very impressed. You should keep keying.
  8. You know why the last RB video that Gwyn posted was the best? It was the quickest to be over.
  9. congrats on being a better keyer than me I should actually try to key.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out! I updated the item pictures in the Items Database when the cannon got the graphical work done on it, but didn't think about checking the Ranged guide :P You've been credited for pointing it out, and it should be live on the website shortly. Thanks again. Locking the thread, and moving it to Completed Corrections. Don't hesitate to PM me or any other crew member if you need anything else. -Codguy
  11. When I really get back into Dging (after I get a few more 99s and some moar levelz), should be stepping up to the plate finally :P
  12. send me addresses, i'll send sexually explicit mail, and then come visit you guise
  13. omfg that wud mean going down into cali. and we all no, cali sucks
  14. Got home for the weekend, and I got my car :D Gonna be able to drive it back to school. I is excited. I loves itz.
  15. Edimmus contest, who can spot the most??? I've seen 3 (maybe 4) at 91 Dg, and one has dropped a Blood necklace.
  16. Decided to compare our stats. You beat me by 1.3m str xp, 4.7m slay xp (4 levels), 335k sum xp, and 58m dg xp (24 levels). So apart from a tad bit of slayer and a lot of dging... I completely smash you :P ofc
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