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  1. Thanks. Although the spacing is fine tbh, it got changed when the forums changed over a while ago. And I only change my first post to edit in 99 pictures. So I don't really care lol.
  2. Hah didn't realize that he doesn't melee you until he pops his eye out. Thanks lol.
  3. Pro amirite? I was tanking and he hit hard, and only had a few salves. Then when I came back, he was right by the door, and I didn't realize I was right under him (yet I was still attacking him?) and got KOed that way. Crappy dungeon indeed.
  4. I've definitely thought about it. Like, I've wondered what it would be like to just bot 1 skill on my main. And then after considering it for about a minute, I'd realize that's the stupidest thing ever. I've never encountered a bug that gives me an advantage, unless you count safespotting Zilyana, since that was around for a long time. I don't break the rules (albeit maybe a bit of language once in a while?) because it's not as much fun and not the purpose of the game. Plus I don't want to risk an account that's so close to max total :P Although RWT could be tempting, but I'm not much of a money maker.
  5. Yeah, but uncut d stones (seem to have replaced cut) are a bit more common. I've had more of them than diamonds actually... Weird. Anyways, I've only gotten like 3 cut d stones ever, and then 4 uncut in like 2-3 days.
  6. lol'd Another steels task got me d legs and d med lol. And my 4th uncut d stone so far. Also got my 6th effigy from blue dragons.
  7. Penance horn, making it 65k xp/hour normally. [email protected]@@@ :P Oh, and I think what may have confused you Green is that it was over 2 hours with penance horn.
  8. wat I was training Agility to 90 at around the same time you showed that Agility level up picture.
  9. Working on 99 Slayer. 95/99

  10. lololol I got both skirts in the first like 15-20 steels. And the first one was my first kill lolz. 1m task. Then got a hard clue, and then the next dragon drops an elite (I hadn't picked up the hard clue/bones from the previous kill yet), so that was handy. EXCEPT I got a 60k reward from the elite. 10 Nardah teles, 3 super sets, 50ish laws, and 13 tuna potatoes. Fail. Been getting lots of Dag tasks recently, epic xp :D haven't had black demons or irons for a while.
  11. Got 5 effigies in 290k Slayer xp, and now with assists, I'm just over 200k xp to 97 Runecrafting :D Very excited for this, as I'll get effigies assisted asap when I go to 117 daily. Been slaying quite a bit, 587k to 96 Slayer. Really wanting 99 already, so not going to be doing much besides Slay. Oh and got my first decent item in a clue since my 3rd age kite last year, Guthix Full Helm lol. And got my first elite from Desert Strykewyrms the other day :D
  12. lolwut I thought we agreed it was /100 (since I had /99 before). WHERE IS THIS 120 NONSENSE COMING FROM? I'll change it to 120 once I get 100. As 100 is my goal for now.
  13. Gotten about 75-90 so far with DGS. And finally hit all skills 90+ thanks to this lovely clan chat. Been working on keying a little bit, but still need work. 32 minutes is my best. Unfortunately I'll be working on 99 Slayer, and won't be Dging too much, however, I'll make sure to throw in some floors during the weekends :D
  14. Damn you. All skills 90+ :D I love Thunderous now. High occult = so good. And Green got me my fastest floor time yet, 20:33, some awesome floors, nothing over 30 minutes. Time to work on Slayer and the occasional Dg floor.
  15. whats this i hear about going to seattle? omfg you can pick me up on the way (if you're driving, if you're flying then go die).
  16. o kewl u r laik mai agil buddy except not teh rite courze very nice
  17. nou jake Mc, how are you enjoying the Hex? Is it like an orgasm when you kill mages?
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