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  1. Well, I've been working out for almost 2 months straight now, of 6 days per week. I'm curious as to how much weight I've lost. Definitely feel better though, have slimmed down a bit, while still getting much stronger. And I used to play a bit of CS, but I just don't own it, so maybe I'll pick it up if there's a nice deal on Steam sometime. But TF2 is free to play, so that's why I've been enjoying it. I have mixed feelings about it. More of the story line to be honest. I loved it, since I love the whole series. But it just didn't end how I would hope it would have. But then again, oh well. A great read. Paolini said he will write more, but not about Eragon. However, it will HOPEFULLY answer some unanswered questions.
  2. I pre-ordered it on the 6th from Amazon (free 2 day shipping with Amazon Student), it shipped on the 7th, and arrived by mid afternoon of the 8th lol. Finished it in about 5 or 6 days because I loves me some Eragon (no homo). Still looking to get more time in on Runescape, but also will be playing other games. Going to be playing Minecraft soon enough (been a while, and I'm craving some MC), as well as some Diablo (first one ftw, thought I'd randomly download it as well as Diablo II). And also some Team Fortress 2, Silvermist has been getting me into that. So we'll see how much time I get in on RS in the next couple of weeks, but Thanksgiving next week... Hmmm we'll see. Not sure what I want to work on first. Probably should slay to be honest. Oh that reminds me, I got a d chain from a Dust Devil task a week or two ago haha. My second d chain, both from dusties. Oh and random, but I also have a real life blog, about leading a healthier life (getting in shape and what not). So if you feel like it, take a look. Fancy Friday - The Blog of Chris
  3. 'tis only a flesh wound. Don't really care at the moment lol. It's died out in my opinion, I'll get to it eventually, seeing as I'll need to start epic keying if I want to make some good progress. Would rather max out my other skills first. Ikr. Haven't had much time to play recently, especially with MW3 coming out last week, and also the last book of the Eragon series. But with Thanksgiving coming up, and I'm not bringing my Xbox home, I should have some time to get to mah RS goalz.
  4. I'm kind of alive again. Been slaying a bit, as well as assisting Smithing effigies (215k to 98 I believe). Will also probably be working on either Mining, Agility, or Hunter as well. Oh and Fm, bought enough mage logs for 98 (I assume I'll get plenty of xp from effigies going for 99 Slay).
  5. 92-99 was all assists due to not much playing time, plus I then spent my time doing other skills, with that saved time. I did do like 95k xp at Zmi at the very end.
  6. Thanks, should be the case unless something comes up. I won't be nolifing, but I'll try to actually accomplish things besides daily assists. Thanks! I love RC though :D
  7. 60k xp to 99, will get it tomorrow from 2 daily assists L. Will level up at the nat altar or something like that though.
  8. yus. Will start playing again in September I believe. Should have 99 RC this weekend.
  9. Yes, I log in probably 5 times a week for assists lol. And sometimes chat in FSC for a bit. Once Labor Day comes around, and school begins, I'll actually have extra time lol, as all my free time now goes to resting (10 hours away from my house, being 8.5 working in an active camp, and the other time spent driving or whatever) and maybe playing a bit on the xbox, that's about it. And working out sometimes, but haven't been lately due to getting sick pretty badly.
  10. I retired from Crew, just don't have anytime to play RS anymore, let alone work on the tip.it website. I'm still around, but won't be playing much this summer with a full time job. I am however still logging in for RC assists. About 275k to 99 Rc :P
  11. How much is it to get in for say, 1 day? I last was there when I was 7, should go sometime.
  12. so wot is it about dese nan jokes on fb. thats all i ever see from you. is it like a NZ/Aussie thing or what?
  13. MC tbh. I haven't been playing much, and am extremely behind on Dg. Although at the moment, I have no summer plans... I might be able to pull off all 99s first, but 120 would be too far away for me.
  14. Get 99 fishing/cooking, and slay a bit in the process to keep up cash flow. Once you've finished those, get 92 Agility (still continuing slayer a bit to keep cash coming in), and then Slay for turmoil. Basically, only slay if you need the cash, but otherwise, stay focused on 99 fish/cook and then 92 agility. Tada.
  15. You should thank me. I dunno why. But you should. Grats babe. It's a beastly skill.
  16. In two years, I've only shaved twice for the lolz. I go from looking like I'm 21, to maybe 17 or 18. I do trim it though every few days. i laik it
  17. I actually think I've noticed this as well. Specifically while using Firefox (both 4 and 3.6). I will edit this message if I have problems, if not, then it took a while to post as well. Edit: It posted right away. Nonetheless, I have encountered problems before such as in Blogscape. I assumed it was either my computer or Firefox until just now.
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