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  1. Skittles or Obtaurian? Obtaurian. Easy. Fixed that for you. I've never seen so much truth before in one post.
  2. Most Hyundais are quite reliable, and both the Elantra and Sonata are good cars that we were looking at. We were going to go with the Elantra because it's a bit cheaper, but he found a decent deal on the Sonata so he went for it. Here's the listing for it with pictures if anyone cares. http://www.beavertonhyundai.com/VehicleDetails/used-2010-Hyundai-Sonata-GLS-Beaverton-OR/1052689903
  3. [email protected]@@@ hoping to get 95 fm today, because I've been fming mage logs whenever I have down time and can't figure out what to do. Quick levels, even if I hate them.
  4. Got 97 Smithing but DCed right after it, so didn't get a picture. Oh well.
  5. Last night I had a dream that I was keying a floor (since I was DGing right before going to bed, so it was fresh in my mind). Let's just say I was doing better in the dream than I usually do, up until we ran out of GDs to do. And then my dream took the five of us to some mountain or something. That was just weird.
  6. Been pretty busy lately, and haven't been in that much of a mood to play. Sooo yeah, will play more one of these days.
  7. Play the song on the guitar, I'll sing it, we combine the tracks, youtube sensation. K.
  8. Prom 2h is by far superior to just about everything (except its primal counterpart, and Primal baxe is acceptable as well). Dung Smith chat (dunno if they've made it a clan or anything) will gladly make one for you, and there are definitely some 99 smithers in DGS that could make you a prom 2h as well. Either way, be patient when asking people to make something for you in Dungeoneering, because they're taking their time to help you :P
  9. ZMI brings in Earth runes, not as many at high levels, but definitely at lower levels.
  10. Gonna get 94 Hunter for Dging, and then will get back to Slayer. Just wanted some fast levels. Should get 93 tomorrow, maybe 94 if I spend a lot of time online. And will get 97 Rc tomorrow. Ftw.
  11. Decided to do a bit of Fming, and got 94 For Dg. Plus 2 quick levels for my total.
  12. Could consider slaying to 90 attack so that you can use prom 2h while DGing, and then get a rapier, and then back to slayer.
  13. I know it's a little over five minutes, as they last just a bit longer than my overloads. Between 5-6 minutes. I've been meaning to time it, but always forget lol.
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