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  1. Hi Mishypoo I miss you (also I found out recently your doppleganger is legit you. Like, same traits and habits. We need to talk). And yayyyyyyyy I'm the coolest of them all!
  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^

  3. Where abouts? Just Niagara? Yeah, pretty much. We stayed on Clifton Hill, so we were walking distance to the Rainbow Bridge and the Falls. It was fun! My aunt did visit us and took us to the CN tower, so it was nice spending a bit of time with her :)
  4. Eep! you're getting close to 99 fm! :D (p.s. you two are cute!)
  5. I was in Canada 2 weeks ago <3:
  6. I dont think anyone really wants to stoop down to NoobLord's (leik) level
  7. Did you do sinkholes yet? I'm sorry I really don't log into rs anymore D:, only on to do ports/daily now :c
  8. Nah, I'm just throwing a fit because like I said I was always the baby of the family. I'm the youngest grandchild on my fathers side, and the youngest girl on my moms. The majority of my cousins are out of school, getting married, and having families, and I guess it just sorta feels weird, knowing that I'm not really "the baby" anymore. You know? lol You could be a time lord. They're pretty old
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