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  1. and i think you just proved that you've never had _ANY_ experience with rsc. Yes, when you were putting dozens of millions on the trade screen, it was taking a long time. It was banking cash that was pain in the apss. 2500 was the largest sum you could bank with 1 click so was nice banking few hundred mills.
  2. Even I did misclick sometimes you know ?
  3. purepehmo lmao, trust me, theres no AR involved in that kill. Just because you're sucha loser you never pked without AR doesnt mean that no1 else did. I got that kill by getting fox to low hp, then him running to where i cant atk and after that getting my armors off and hitting him dead. no ar. poopie
  4. the uniform in the left is what we wear on vacations, the one on the right is what we use in the army.
  5. ummm started in 2001, 7th grade. Played a bit in the beginning, then quit for a little while, started again, got a bit famous on z---e---d, banned on 2003 christmas... after that had buncha chars ( well varasto mies was between there, was same stats as x warlock x, raced him on str lol). Too many chars after that to keep count on. Best known would probably be h---o---d and umm... saso pk pure? pked quite a bit on vakis4life too and so on. Dummy--b0y n stuff. So, whats going on now? turning 20 next friday, like 116 wake ups left in the army, graduating from high school next spring too. Planning on moving in with my gf, that kinda [cabbage].
  6. imo magicvendor was supernoob. And btw tulkas, on ur list... jalkapallo was never a good pker :P nice stats tho. same with nyd
  7. sry dsp :P when taking pics with mmm... cant remember the screen capture programs name :P there was no borders, even on reg client. If u set the capture area to "active window" or something. and foxy, if i just could get into my home comp i would have a pic of eugene ru dead :P my own comp is in the basement tho under loads of stuff so wont be going there for a while (+ 116 days of army left too so :P)
  8. Nyd was good at his time but so many became alot better than him in 2003. Y swe was quite good, was fun fighting him. Tho he always had that damn bug with him, archer wip0r ^^ Bs arkan, well yea, what can i say? gr8 pker. Low Fighter, he truly was 1 of the best pure pkers.
  9. I remember you... My char was z---e---d. You were around 95 lvl platepure if i remember right at that time, one of the best catchers around 80-100 lvl in my opinion.
  10. I had one back in the day, varasto mies was the name. 40 attack (wined, 1dfence and 61 strenght with 13 prayer. lvl 39 hitting 20's, awesome ^^ I think that i was one of the first.
  11. yea, i used to be opped @ smithers.rs :P and z---e---d was banned on christmas 2003 for ar. Used ac for 2 days \o/ and those 2 days have haunted me since that. Find it funny how people still recall me as "the autocatcher" when all i did was really use ac for 2 days. And dont take my comment at the top of the page as i was trying to take you down. The fact is just that in your time, you were good catcher with uber stats. After some time had passed, there was just many better catchers/pkers then you (on autumn 2003). + They started to have as good stats. Nowyoudie is still one of the most legendary castle pkers,being one of them starting the era of pures with superb stats.
  12. No offense, but who you even are, someone I killed too many times ? :roll: And to the topic, thanks to people for naming me in the top5. Heres some I still remember from the usual castle crew, not in any order: Magic Vendor aka Ultima Str - Awesome pk buddy and great catcher. - Yes, tulkas is probably the greatest "pure pker" ever been. Cattie Brie - Good friend back then and also knew how to catch. - Depends who you mean, when it was "opettaja" a.k.a tonttusniper playing on cattie, he wasnt that good. After the character passed on to tulkas, well, what can you expect? (i've played on cattie on 2002 myself.) Blick - Having her as ranger sure helped. - Yes, statwise one of the most legendary pures ever. Sakke - Same as Cattie Brie. - Good stats but was never that good pker. Old friend. Daakpunk - Great dude, didn't pk with him that much. - Very legendary, had great attitude and alot of skills. Though, on 2003 when the "pure pking" was on its peak, he wasnt that "uber" anymore, because so many others got stats like him. Have made daakpunk log \o/ Chevyredone - Usual castle crew. - Can't really remember fighting him. Bad Bobby - Bobster. - Friend. Picton - Not sure about his skills, but he sure had loads of defense and claimed to be king of the castle. My arch enemy, I think it ended 2 - 0 to me. :P - I've piled picton few times myself, not on his "greatest" times on 2002 though. And many more, been too many years since my last login. :o Do remember, that i wasnt "known" in 2002. And NYD, you were on my flist for ages ffs. It's Irzi a.k.a z---e---d here. Fooled around @ castle alot with you. Mostly ending up with us not finding enemies and after that we start playing catch, ending up you getting piled bc of my 70def ^^
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