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  1. Yeah, his/her logic is flawed. You would never get that much in one skill from one effigy. Also you have to be doing combat to get the effigy so it's not like you're adding that on to experience that you're already getting. I did find the quest article interesting :D
  2. Have you ever tried to get a flag back from a level 138 with curses and a steel titan (just for example) and 5 other level 138's barraging you? It's not a cake walk and you insult a lot of mid-level people who have committed the horrible crime of joining the team that just didn't happen to have a clan of 138's. I play Castlewars for fun not for the rewards and even before this update I was annoyed with the system for rewards and the flag dropping system. I can't enjoy a game if I'm not really being given a fair chance to win. Sure it's a 50/50 chance I could be on the same team as the 138's and I could even join their team on purpose but then I'm not having fun. I'm just as bad as they are. Just playing to win. Edit: The Castlewars bracelet only works if the person is holding your team's standard. In other words it doesn't help with people holding their own flag.
  3. The Penance Horn from Barbarian Assault and the tools from Stealing Creation are good examples of using "fun" methods to get more efficient experience. Not really. Your still doing the same boring skill just getting faster xp. And as an added bonus you get to do frustrating mini games (im talking mainly about BA if your not on a pro team) to get the bonus. That's just your opinion. Many people (myself included) find BA fun even with a non-pro team. And I know many people who find Stealing Creation fun despite (or because of) the things that annoy me most about it. Really comes down to personal preference on what is fun and what is boring or tedious in RuneScape. I used to spend hours training Woodcutting before SC tools came out, simply chatting with people on RuneScape.
  4. I like both articles but I think if the writer of the second article wants his figures to be taken seriously he should have a larger sample size for his 'poll'. Twenty-Two people is nothing to base his statements on in a game with as large a community as RuneScape. Which isn't to say I don't agree with him. I just think he could distribute his poll more.
  5. Then the solution is for Jagex to maybe reduce their power slightly in PvP only, and then for people to get 95 herblore. Of course it might be unfair that these people have an advantage, but if people didn't have advantages over other people... then what is the point of the game at all? I'm glad people are liking the article :) :^_^: I rarely ever post..but, I had to say something about the herblore article. It seems to me the person that wrote it didn't exactly see the full extent of those potions. Demoliboy, A friend of mine was hitting 53 and more with a whip, not really wearing max damage gear; he was just messing around after the release and killed some gargoyles. Normally, whips don't hit that high,even wearing stat, vesta and such, you roughly hit 49.. He was doing this without those. And the range potions..sure..maybe it added +3 hits, but to a dark bow that already packs a heavy punch, enough to kill you in one shot, the potion helps. Maybe they might not seem over-powered to you, but if you carefully looked at it you would realize they were. 50's with a barrage? which freezes you..now..imagine someone doing that, and running to claw/dagger/maul/ags spec you, because as we all know people don't fight with just one style. They hybrid, and you wouldn't survive. It's not possible.. Anyways, great first article, the inflation is a pain. Wasn't keen to the second but, to each his own I suppose. Well, I wrote it. :P And it is difficult to see the full extent of the potions when they've only been out for a short while and were only in PvP for a very short amount of time. There was no real way for people to tell if they were going to cause real problems with PvP, not within 2 days. I highly doubt many people who PK regularly have 95 herblore, and if they do why shouldn't they get a reward? Also, if it seemed like there was a lot of people using the potions when it first came out, it was because that happens. Many people who don't PK regularly will have gone to PvP to try their potions out. I think Jagex were a bit premature to rush into removing them like they did. Edit: Also, welcome to the Tip.It forums. :thumbup: It's always nice to have new members that can create discussion :) Maybe not many people have 95 herblore but as people play they will inevitably get herblore higher especially once they see other people hitting 50's with barrage or 80's with an AGS. Everyone will want to do that so you'll even see pures training herblore and eventually 95 herblore will be a standard among pk-ers and it will drastically unbalance the game in a game where people are already able to hit far over the HP level of most players. As for the range potions, wouldn't a higher range level also increase your accuracy? With increased accuracy you would then hit more consistently with bows that already hit hard like the Dark Bow. Of course, that's only if higher range level increases accuracy. Anyway those potions give benefits far beyond just helping to kill people in PvP. I could use the potions to finish my slayer tasks faster or go dragon hunting with an AGS which would mean much faster kills. So taking the potions out of PvP kept PvP becoming worse than it is already while still allowing people the benefits of these potions. :lol: Now, has anyone tried any of these potions against Tz-Tok Jad. (spellcheck please) :blink:
  6. I will probably change mine (though I could live with it as is). I don't care much about it but it'd be nice to take the numbers off or just completely change it :) . Either make it my real life name or make it something like "Liquid Duc". The "k" was left out intentionally.
  7. true but many noobs dont know about fansites. Yeah this is the truth :P also if someone is shown in a personal way how to do something I find that it sticks in their head and they don't need help again...normally... :D and after, for example, showing someone the way to gnome village I refer them to tip.it for any more needs, even more now than I used to now that I can say "tip.it" without getting muted for two days >.> (this happened to me before).I've also taken to setting my private chat to friends only so they can't keep messaging me for more help thereby leaving them to fend for themselves or bother some other poor soul (sorry if I pawn some newbie off on you someday : )
  8. :lol: I haven't been on tip.it for a while and I just got on and checked this forum and saw these posts O_O pretty interesting :) Nowadays I tend to help people that I can immediately and since the trade limit I can never give much money so I normally just give them a free axe or pick-axe since those are for fairly good money making skills.And if they need runes I just give them any number under 100 (if they're close) since I do a lot of runcrafting in the ZMI anyway XD I tend to not go out of my way to help people unless I know them :) But I'd still like to hear anyone's opinions on this :D So keep 'em coming?
  9. I got a weird Treasure Trail and couldn't figure it out so I checked here (as I always do) and you didn't have it here so I'm posting this ;) (not sure if this is where I do this or not). The clue is "Read 'How to Breed Scorpions' by O.W. Thathurt." and the thing to do is search the bookcase right next to the ladder on the second floor of the Sorcerer's Tower. :)
  10. AWESOME!I have a friend who will love this :) he got perm muted for lots of silly things and a couple "big" offences :-# maybe they'll lift it and he'll start playing again! Here's hoping :pray: \
  11. (Keep in mind these are just my thoughts as they come.I did not write this post beforehand.) I've got to say my favorite was Easter of '05 (haha had to give it color :thumbsup: )which came just a few weeks after I started playing.I enjoyed the event and the reward (and I still do enjoy the reward).I liked this Easter's event as well.I was not impressed at all with the carrot.I think it should at least come with an emote like the rubber chicken,if they're gonna release hyped up old items they might as well give it an emote like the original right?I do however love the emote which I guess can be considered the emote like with the rubber chicken.I think we should be grateful that we even got an event anyway.Jagex doesn't even need to release these events so we should be glad they do rather than complain. :shame: I am not saying anything about perfectly honest reviews on the releases though. :thumbsup: (I'm sure I messed up with my punctuation and such but don't feel like correcting haha.)
  12. Aw...I got Rick Rolled :wall: I was all excited and waiting for the page to load and then "WTF!" :shock: Then I tried to play it off 8-) :thumbsup:
  13. This. With all my heart. I want the new JaGex CEO to have my babies :shock: :oops: Back off he's mine. :twisted: I promised to marry Jagex first There's only one way to settle this. Um...she can have him...I'd rather give him up than go on Jerry Springer! :shame:
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