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  1. Thank you for the update and for the work :)
  2. I asked on another thread 2 weeks ago and didn't get an answer. Will SwiftKit be getting NXT support and if yes can you give a very rough date of when it will arrive? (e.g. next month, by end of 2016, next year)
  3. Able to give an ETA yet? :)
  4. 3:04, DF v DI with TS, calling a pile on true 2k8 :lol:
  5. Watch the Video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-qheSvEhvdU Requirements RS3 None OSRS 100+ combat with 82 Magic OR 100+ combat with 85 ranged OR 1250+ overall How to Find Us Website: http://www.wildernessguardians.com/ Forums: Board Index | How To Join RS3 Clan Chat: Wilderness Guardians OSRS Friends Chat: "WG_CC" Home Worlds: 27 RS3 / 327 OSRS Discord: Voice and Text Chat IRC Channel: #wg_lobby (no longer in use) YouTube: WildernessGuardians Twitter: @wildguardRS Twitch: WildernessGuardians Reddit: WildGuardRS
  6. Is NXT support on the way?
  7. working great for me. Thanks for adding it I was really missing the features when using the client!
  8. Can we get a DarkScape client mode? I think it's only playable from a special client and I know swiftkit can load the RS client so must be able to load the DS client. I'm missing all the swiftkit features on this silly client. IRC and Screenshot being my top 2!
  9. imgur working now. dunno what was wrong o.O
  10. Just upgraded to Windows 10 and now the Screenshot Viewer won't upload images to Imageshack or Imgur. Any other Windows 10 users experiencing this problem? or has it changed one of my settings without me asking? it claimed it would keep the same settings that Win 8.1 had.
  11. I find this helpful: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Money_making_guide
  12. it could be worth updating the news in the swiftkit launcher to say that?
  13. Our team has had a tradition of creating a Christmas Card every winter and this year is no exception. Happy Holidays! Clan Europe would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and best of luck in 2015!
  14. You may be thinking that this is not a big issue but to me it is. I'm a clan leader and over the past few years I've seen hundreds of members come into IRC for their very first time only to see that all the links are filtered. They are then told to type "/umode2 -f" or "/mode user -f", which in my view just makes them immediately suspicious of IRC because you are asking them to type some alien code. If they want to fix it permanently they are told to go to start tab (confusing in itself), options > irc tab > untick "enable message filtering". A routine which I have had to explain so many times it is now etched into my brain. So can you please set this filter to be off by default? It would save me and many other people from having to repeat themselves hundreds of times. Furthermore, I believe they are already warned about the dangers of IRC and asked to type "I agree" or something similar when they first connect (could be wrong, long time since I first used SK) and also are reminded a link may be unsafe EVERY time they click on one, so is it really needed? thanks for considering, hopefully you remove this filter.
  15. Well I did have two versions of Chrome at one point but one deleted itself I think. Also the script error has only appeared once so it's not a major issue :P
  16. I see you've found out how to tick the old school box :P It will also give you all of the other tools that the RS3 mode has.
  17. Thanks, that seems to have fixed it :) Getting this now, but I can easily click past them:
  18. Version 33.0.1750.117 m and yes it lists 2 identical SK chrome extensions when i click learn more
  19. Any ideas why I'm getting this message? I just keep pressing cancel and it loads as normal. Says it could be potentially dangerous though o.O
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