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  1. i tryed (today acculaly) and it dosnt work, the thread keeps getting owned. you can;t tell jagex about this, this is a tip.iters dream, but will never be a reality. :'( (tip.it needs a crying e-mote) What do you mean its keeps getting owned? :-k I think he means anytime it gets brought up, the thread is either closed, deleted or shot down verbally. How about instead of hoping Jagex makes their [cabbage]ty game better, we just make a better game ourselves?
  2. OK, so what if I get all those stats you just mentioned here, then threw in defense at the very end? You telling me it's not going to make a lick of difference?
  3. Yes, as I have thought about this question, I have come to roughly the same conclusion - the imbalance is not favorable...and is in fact very n00bish of Jagex for not fixing it. Here here! On the other hand, that might make a warrior very powerful, perhaps too powerful, but they made the game, they have the liberties to change the combat system as much as necessary to take it to the next step.
  4. Wow, they're very particular about the locations of threads here. Anyway, let me ask a clear question that could settle this right now - does a char. with 50 str, 50 att and 45 def beat a char. with 50 str, 50 att, and 20 def? The answer seems clear to me; is there something I'm missing?
  5. lol I am all for this, but I doubt Jagex is - see, they have to apply to the rules of intellectual property and creative designs, and all that...basically, by having come up with this idea and gone public with it, you have damned its chances at becoming reality. Sure, they can come up with something like it, but you have designed a bank system so well that whatever Jagex comes up with on their own, we won't like. I think the only way they could incorporate this beautifully-written bank idea is by paying you for the idea...but that also implies royalties - for every subscription that is purchased, you would be paid. Handing out royalties to third-parties is a big no-no in the land of economics...even if it's just this once; they want to 'keep it all in the family,' as they say. I could be wrong, but this is my instinctive fear when I see this...also, anybody else notice that the same things are being said on page 169 as page 1? "Why haven't you sent this to Jagex yet," and "I hope they see this." edit: "169" ;)
  6. I see my topic got moved...I have to question whether this is the right forum for my topic, however. I am not discussing a bug within the game nor am I giving any suggestions. If I had to categorize the topic, I'd say it falls under strategy discussion or maybe even advice. Who moved my topic..? I do not see any of the 'General' forum moderators online at the moment, so I am assuming they're hidden.
  7. This is my first post, so if I put it in the wrong forum, don't lock the topic please; just move it and tell me where it went. OK I am fairly experienced in Runescape by now, and I have paid a lot of attention to what we call pures, and more importantly what goes into making a pure, as I am attempting one myself (str/att with 20 def). My question is simple: since your level maxes out at 126 once you have maximized all the stats that could possibly affect your combat level, just like everyone else, does it truly matter whether you don't max out your defense until later, or whether you max it out at all; does it really matter if you're a mage or fighter at lvl 126 as long as you have the right equipment and know how to play both equally well...? Also, based on a common assumption I ask: why does having low defense make people better fighters; why should this have any positive bearing on a fight? My first thought when I hear of a person with level 1 def is, "OK you have ridiculously high str and att, but I will cut you down with just a few blows before you put a [weakness] in my armor." Now, I understand the journey is probably better than the end result, being a lvl 126 character, so you want to choose a path, but once you are kicking [wagon], is it really going to affect your hit % and damage infliction if you raise your defense after bringing your attack & strength to 99, or if you choose to go ape-poopie with magic for a while? I understand my questions are n00bish but I have also never seen these issues directly and properly addressed...it always seems to be one person's untested theory against another equally unsubstantiated claim. I want as many people to answer so I can get a nice, rounded sample of the community's opinion - so if you have thoughts on this subject and feel as though they are valid, please speak up!
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