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  1. But doesn't the game end automatically if too many people quit? Probably a glitch, I guess. I remember being in the losing team, and it ended up being a 6 vs 1. Epic fail. :lol: Umm the game usually ends automatically, but if someone quits at the end of an altar before you move onto the next one the game wont end. But 6 vs 1? I don't think that's possible... maybe it was 5.
  2. How in the world are you able to 1 vs 1, without additional players spamming barriers (for activity bar)? Someone probably glitched them in, or left half way through the game.
  3. ...how do you play in Low Detail and not lag O_o. I lag more in LD than HD, seriously.
  4. ooo The Great Divide, hmm. That's a good way to think about it. To get the orbs on the west side just pretend that they are one space closer, works for me :)
  5. I don't really know much about it, someone just gave me the link.
  6. ooo wow, more scores. :D edit: oh btw, I found this! Looks like it's: craft1ngrun3, babybeaty1, kc luvs u, bl00dypwner, and probably anc13nt rag3 but I'm not sure... still :o... [hide=][/hide]
  7. 56 on Fire, done a while ago... Gota H8 Stds - North Phylous - East Gatorade1993 (me) - South Gota took the screenshot. ;) [hide=][/hide]
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