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  1. The first and the last. I won't write more.

    One day left until Dark Souls comes out. It'll fill my craving for roleplaying shenanigans along the lines of Ultima and Runescape.

  2. The gods of this realm are gone on a plane you cannot reach, and the new gods care not for the likes of you.
  3. Congrats on being published.

  4. Then onward with your journey, stranger, wherever it may take you. Then choose. Dillydally all day and Big Dee will come for you, for sure and certain. Are your bones in the wilderness supposed to symbolize your departure from this mortal plane into a parallel dimension? Fare you ever well, stranger. Godspeed in all your adventures in other realms.
  5. Between my mid level 80 combat pure and my maxed main, I'm afraid I haven't the time to bother playing on those on the rare occasions I feel like playing at all.

    Have fun while the weather lasts, snow will be coming before you know it.

  6. You need to log in more often on Pinata Sabre/ Bio Ice. :P

  7. You mean you'll shake them warmly by the throat.
  8. Hah! Now that is funny. Well, we'll see what this baker's son will do soon enough. Back to anticipating Dark Souls for me.
  9. While the loading screen is visible on the client and showing the percentage bar, hold down "S" to enter safe mode. Anyone disappointed that it isn't quite as long as you expected - best to enter these things without buying into the hype.
  10. From what I understood, you stated that Runescape had more subscribers than any other MMO, a genre which also includes WoW. Question was, "Is Runescape dying?" Because of Runescape's nature of being F2P and P2P at once, you can't just consider only P2P. I'm bringing up F2P because if they can't attract people's attention into considering to try out the free game because they've other, better games to play that are also free, then that'll cut into their numbers of getting new members. It's pretty obvious from the renewed marketing blitz and goodies Jagex is throwing out there.
  11. Should've stated Runescape has the most subscribers of an F2P model. Your previous statement is still wrong, but at least you corrected it. Still no question other F2P games are cutting into Jagex's pie, even if they are following the microtransactions route.
  12. What an erroneous statement. Look at your own graph. WoW has more subscribers than just about any other MMO out there. And don't forget the other games released the past two years or so that are now competing in Jagex's niche as free-to-play. League of Legends comes to mind, and then there's that veritable host of free-to-play Valve games. And don't forget about Maple Story.
  13. They're not trying to kill it. They just want to milk it. If it dies, oh well. There's always another cow in the field.
  14. Anecdotes from bot sites, people sharing their experience, that sort of thing. Yes, you can still buy your account back - if they offer it. Those stories are relatively rare.
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