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  1. i truely feel sorry for any person that feels the need to impersonate a high ranked runescape player.
  2. its a good read but they just need to keep to their word now and actually stick to their plan, which we all know jagex find that hard at times.
  3. he should get an invite and lifetime membs, i'm pretty sure they used to invite every rank 1 to the studios though, i dont know if they stopped doing that
  4. aren't you like 2 months late with that post?
  5. more like he knows a lot of high profile rwters are being banned so he wants to avoid the possiblity of getting banned
  6. people comparing donating a few golden coins on a game to donating real money to the fight for cancer wow.
  7. honestly dont think we will ever see anyone get there now, its a sad day
  8. i know quite a few 15/16 year olds that are maxed, thats probably about as low as it gets
  9. Its been confirmed many times in many places that there will never be a dragon crossbow.
  10. I cant believe it was for runespan, such a let down, why have a teaser for a teaser and a week long countdown for something that has been openly talked about for a month. fail.
  11. just because they have never done a content update on a satuday doesnt mean it cant be done. Maybe its that big of a deal they want to release it at peak time in the week.
  12. i just really really hope its not something lame like the cryptic clue fest, please be something that will be good
  13. Classic, the first thing you guys have an opinion on is the female, OMG JAGEX DONT ONLY EMPLOY 'HOT' PEOPLE?! WTF RWTERS
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