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  1. I already quite runescape about a month ago, not so much for the SoF updates though. That made me want to though. Jagex failed and did something stupid with a billing issue with me... it's a long story, but they locked me account and won't unlock it till i buy about $100 worth of jcoins. it was just about $50, then it became more... that was the final straw. the fact they put no value of a jcoin nor tell you how much you owe... that bothers me I have switched to playing world of tanks... it's a lot more fun. who hasn't ever wanted to drive a tank and blow other players up.... teams of 15 vs 15. tiers of 1 to 10, tier 1 tanks are weak as ever but only fight tier 1 and sometimes 2, get up to tier 10 and your fighting as low as tier 6 and up to 10.. so it varies. they also have clans too! all rs quitters come with me to WoT!!! :)
  2. I'm proud to say I know the person with the #2 spot in pure f2p highscores... that is unless his place was taken in the last week or so. isthatok... aka issy. I know it's nothing super special but it's kind of neat haha. I feel bad for him because he has put a lot of work into getting were he was but he got tired of jagex's poop and decided to quit. wasn't worth it to him anymore. I can't say I blame him jagex really has been hitting f2p hard and way going back on their words from when mmg released that future of rs article. I said it beforw and i'll say it again, jagex is now owned by 3rd party investors (about 94% of it at least) and because of that they have to please them and what do investors care about more than anything else? money. they don;t care if it makes everyone else in the world mad at them as long as they are making money and it is because of that, that the game is going down the toilet like it has been. part of me is mad at the gower bros because they are the ones who had most of the stock and sold it off the other part of me sees it as a smart move because they knew the game wa going down the drain already and got out before they lost everything. Andrew started a new company and from what I hear is working on a new game.
  3. Western US > Austin, TX :twisted: It does look fun, though. very true haha I am just hopping they might have it in usa next year... i mean come on enough excuses bring it here now. Have it in vegas... that would be epic... fun event in a fun city... or maybe orlando... or austin... would be kinda bland in austin...
  4. pfft not as far away as I am... Austin, Tx > Sweden in distance.
  5. The picture shows him viewing another member of the party, particularly their inventory. The tabs go player inventory - worn inventory - BoB inventory - skills. I'm guessing either you don't dungeoneer often or it's still not common practice... I don't team dung, so that would explain why i did not know about it.
  6. enjoyed the first article on bots, always nice to read stuff with sim opinions. the 2nd article confused me... it started on one topic then moved to something completely different. no offense, but did the writer have an add attack or something? the interview was interesting. I'm curouius about one of the pics though... what's this: obviously what's within the red rectangle i made... i'm 99.999999999999999 % sure that is not part of the normal runescape window and i have not seen it before, so i'm curious as to what it is. I can guess what it is for on my own, looks useful (esp the summ part, i never did forgive jagex for getting rid of the summ tab)
  7. Just read the 2nd article... makes a lot of sense. I am one of those people who points out to other that i understand runescape is on a whole diff tier from games like WoW, however I have played runescape for 7 years now, I enjoy it, it's cheap and doesn't ask a lot out of me or my computer to enjoy it. I also like to point out the $5.95 price I pay (yeah I had a membership lapse that caused me to lose the $5 price) I want to thank the writer for helping me figure out the name of a song I sung in choir back in 6th grade. I could not remember the name and that saying in the last paragraph reminded me so I googled it and typed the word lyrics and found it... been looking for gosh... soo long... longer than i have been playing runescape.
  8. I loved that last bit in the disclaimer on the first articles rs coupon... "or any excessive release of toxic fumes or gases" hahaha. that was funny and made lol in real life
  9. so what happens if stuff discussed in that interview still are not released after the 2 years is up... you get to spill the beans on future updates without possibility of legal action being taken on you?
  10. Sadly I don't think that would work because they still have a steady supply of rwt who have no issues at all with the new jagex... makes ya wonder if any of those investors happen to own a rwt company or two...
  11. this is regarding the interview. I was wondering for the longest time what all that commotion was over the de modding... now that i have sen the video i can see why they did it (i don't agree with it i just can understand why someone (something?) such as jagex would do it) I personally believe this "new" jagex is a direct result of the primary founders in jagex (paul, ian, andrew, ect) selling off their stock. Andrew sold ALL of his and started a new company called fen research, the others sold most (they each have less than 5% stock now). at this point in time jagex is about 90% owned by 3rd party investors... so yes at this point it is all about making money because that's what the investors want, not only do they happen to be providing the funding, but they pretty much own the company now. Andrew is still an employee of jagex but he stepped down from the board when he sold his shares as of june'ish last year. i found the news here: http://www.stellardawncentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18251 it's scary, for those who may just want to know who owns what right now... here's a graph: you see how the changes in the game reflect the ownership changes... back when Andrew held the most stock... the game was ok... but then right around the time he sold it is when the game went down hill...
  12. Happy birthday :D

  13. you sooo dont need to lose weight that bad... 180 lbs... pfft try 21 6'0" 250 lbs... I need to lose weight.... your BMI (body mass index) is only 23.7 which is in the normal range for your size BMI Categories: * Underweight = <18.5 * Normal weight = 18.524.9 * Overweight = 2529.9 * Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ if you still wanna lose weight though i have a guide that was written by a veteran admin of my clan (most awesome guy you ever would meet) but until i see an answer you can start by losing that late night snack... penut butter... high in fat and calories... the bread in that thing-a-ma-jig (you'll excuse me im american so i have no idea what it is). also drink lots of water... if you want me to get you that guide i can post it here, mind you it is a bit long winded but it helps for those who need it... it's not going to tell you oh hey count your calories and eat diet food that taste like poo... possibly worse... there are simple things to cut calories such as lean hamburger instead of the not so lean... easily go from 1k calories for 1 burger to less than 500... lean hot dogs... cut in half again... and all this stuff taste the same just about 50 cents more than the other stuff cause it has more of the meat and less fat. if i really put my mind to it i could lose this weight real quick... currently i manage between 150-260... never higher never lower, my body seems to go on it's own diet and i just dont get hungry when my weight gets up there... i eat like once a day on those times... when it goes back down im back to eating 2-3 times a day. i know how you feel about the sleep issue... i tend to not fall asleep till 2-3 am and i wake up no later than 9... problem is i tend to take a nap during the day, which makes it hard to fall asleep at night
  14. its too bad that the most recent runetech upgrade ruined safe spots for just about everything... i remember i could sorta safe spot all mellee barrows brothers, there was a relitivly safe area of dk that the mage never reached you at... i could care less about the dks one as you could deal with it via prayer... but the barrows one i used to be able to do 16 runs per trip... easily... up to 20... all because i didnt have to pray againt the mellers i could safe spot em via mage and never be hit... only had to pray on ranger and mage jagex was supposed to fix that but they never did
  15. i use my clan;s irc chat #deathmonkeighs but besides that nope
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