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  1. how much do they sell for ea
  2. edard


    what rock gives u the most percentage to get a gem in f2p
  3. craft airs the multiplier or u just get teh 28x5 or the 84x5
  4. edard

    reg ess

    how much shold i pay for 10k of it or how much ea 1 and wat wrld
  5. edard


    these are my skill now but i want to be at is as followa Attack 70 70 Defence 70 70 Strength 7070 Hitpoints 70 70 Ranged 52 55 Prayer 46 50 Magic 60 60 Cooking 58 60 Woodcutting 65 70 Fishing 57 60 Firemaking 46 60 Smithing 54 60 Mining 65 70 what is the best way about do ing this im f2p
  6. wat do u get from them??
  7. im just done with members and i have quite a but of cash and i was wondering wat armour i should get with 70 att,str,defe,hp
  8. i just did one and got a guthix mitre i dont know wat it is or how much i can sell it for i looked on the price listings but couldnt find it any help[ apreciated
  9. is it hard i got pretty much no armour cuz i sold it all to get d ax i got 70 att, str and def and 44 prayer and 60 magic
  10. edard


    where r the willoes at the barb outpost
  11. where are teh willows also
  12. where is the bank there??
  13. edard

    d ax

    i just bought a d ax and was wondering if i should sell it or wait and sell it later for more any predictions will do
  14. are they profitable to sell??
  15. im 62 wc tring to get to 70 so alot i got about a 44lvl fletch
  16. should i fletch them or sell them
  17. im a mem with a dax and i want to get to 70wc im at 62 i need a spot to cut willows the fastest
  18. i was wondering wat trees i should cut to get to lvl 75 i have a d ax and 62wc i think that yews are too slow to cut but willows are least profitable i need help on chosing wat trees i need to cut and where to find them i heard about maples but i dont know if they are good $ (yes i am a member) i want to try to doit as fast as possible with getting some cash too any advice is greatly appreciated
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