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  1. lol i don't wanna discuss this with someone who has never been at Nex.. What lowers your dps at NEx isnt a +/- 2 ranged offence.. it's not knowing how to Nex, and other people screwing it up for you i know you arent satisfied with this post either, and i have no illusion of ever convincing you. I just hope that someone that hasnt already made up their mind, blindly believes you when you say archers>onyx i goign all out on offence, not sacrificing any for defence is not always the way to go. just like a divine+rapier/cls is better than dragon defender+rapier/cls at solo bandos.
  2. this is not about beeing "cool", taking 1 for the team, which shield is better.. or any of that.. this is a thread about where the onyx ring (i) is usefull. When not even the moderators realize that, i loose hope.. not beeing forced to tank every single kill, is not-not taking 1 for the team. If your team needs brews/rests and you ahve spares, ofcourse you share IVE NEVER [bleep]ING CLAIMED ANY DIFFERENT. I invite any idiot that thinks tanking every single kill isn't bad; to go in dhide with an armadyl team, and see how fun it is to be focussed 100% of the time.. even when your team shares supplies. From your replies, it seems that you don't come across people willig to share supplies at Nex vry often.. So: Isn't it better to be the 1 with the onyx ring (i) willing to share supplies, than the 1 without, hoping that their team is willing to share? for the 110'th time, this is a thread about the ring, not me.. so i'll stop replying untill someone makes a post about the ring
  3. "obvious"? Fine, if you dont want any posts from anyone that doesn't agree with you, dont start a thread, and don't bother viewing/commenting this thread. Actually, its not that i dont agree with you, all ive said is that i prefere the magic defence over a mere +2 rnaged offence, and ive given my reasons. All of a sudden im selfish and whatnot; but thats ok.. you couldn't come up with a counter-argument, you resolve to namecalling.. kids do that, i understand. I wont bother trying to argue my point / view this thread anymore; Kids "obviously" doesn't care :rolleyes:
  4. Ran out of arguments so you resolved to namecalling eh? I really have a hard time figuring out how a discussion about an ingame ring, ended up beeing about how I play dungeoneering.. I think something might be wrong with you.....
  5. Well, i hope we get to team up then; Because in a void team this will be the difference between you tanking and me tanking. And i would argue that i can out-dps anyone that has to eat every 3'rd attack. If im in a non-void team, I would look at our shields: If there was a few Divine/Elysians i would take the archers (i) ring, because i wouldnt get to tank with my Eek/Spectral (which are also better at nex because no dmg is better than reduced dmg.. but lets not go there). If there is one thing that this thread has established, it is that the onyx (i) is a niche-ring: Its niche isn't "Nex teams", but almost every "Void, Nex teams".. (example:) Especially if you are the only 1 with an ACP insted of Pbody, where the onyx (i)'s magic defence will make the difference.
  6. And if you brew-share like you're meant to be doing, Range attack bonus is far more useful than Magic Defence bonus at Nex. 1. Alot of people use rsof teams, and they dont share as often. 2. Onyx (i) gives both magic def and ranged offence ..and plz remember this is a topic about where the onyx (i) ring is usefull; NOT your individual nexin teams, and if they share food/tanking or not.
  7. and your argument is?.... Someone obviously has to take the dmg, and if you want to share the load you can unequip the ring.. this is a topic about the usefullness of the onyx (i) ring, so let me ask again: your argument is.. what exactly?
  8. ..and a magic defence bonus! The lowest magic defence tanks at Nex, so every bit counts.. Especially in Void+deflector teams where the only difference in magic defence is: ACP/Pbody Necklace (should be fury) Cape (should be ava's) Infinity/rangers boots (note that the difference in magic defence between the 2 are lower than the onyx (i) magic defence bonus) Ring (archers/seers/onyx - onyx (i) magic defence is higher than the un-imbued seers an its range offence better than the un-imbued archers)
  9. Personally im into high-lvl competitive clan-wars, which "requires" gear such as full nex sets and a divine (although i have neither). Something similair, yet very different is the rated-clan wars jagex just invented - join a clan that competes in this. If thats not something for you, maybe set beyond-99-goals. You could join a clan for this aswell (skilling clan) to get some competitiveness into skilling. ..Or just mates to skill with.
  10. ..I'd say Zezima has achieved more than everyone in the top 15 all together. He is the most iconic RS player of all times, the closest thing you get to "god" status, whatever that is. (edit: I count that as an ingame achievement, but if you dont, lets not argue over that) A little example: Everyone knows who he is, everyone but the newest of the newest players - noone else comes even close to that (and no, Zarfot is/wasn't never even close at beeing as famous.) Fame is 1 thing, his achievements speak for themselves. And a little update/prediction on Zezima: I have from a very reliable source (i met him myself) that Zezima did 250k Livid farm points in 1 day, 2 weeks ago. Now he is rushing 120 dung and that smells alot like Completionist cape to me. It's going to be really interesting to see what Zezima does after 120 dung/completionist cape.. will he play casual, quit or maybe start gaining loads of exp again Random: I like langers updates, and following this thread :thumbsup:
  11. That makes me lol^.. hard Welcome back to the thread that failed so hard you had to leave it broski! Now, the guy with the picture said that everyone who doesn't agree with him don't understand, and then went on to assume that we were all skillers then. Bascially just flame with no argument.. a post i would expect from you tbh :-#
  12. No, Elucin8er is 100% right here and you've just proved so by coming back with no argument whatsoever. THAT is how it is/was PK'ing, he knows what he's talking about because he took part in it, your view on the whole situation suggests you might of died a few times and got upset so now hate the wilderness and refuse to communicate properly with anyone who has a different opinion. Of course we can't change the way people act in the wilderness, but we can talk about how honor in the wilderness has degraded as much as we want, just like you could talk about how botting is ruining profitable skills all you like. Don't be so dismissive just because you despise the wilderness, or just stay away from topics like these. 1. read the whole thread 2. dont make assumptions based on... well, nothing I'd say more, but Cyon already said all that needs to be said a few posts up^
  13. I could show you almost every single PK on my Berserker Pure and you will find that I have no runes or teletabs. I have PKed about 200ish Varrock tele tabs as of now, though. It doesnt matter if you bring a tele or not, the fact is that if you pk in <20 wildy, its safer than in >30 wildy. Wearing armour also makes it safer than not wearing armour, by saying that you dont bring armour (or in your case a tele) doesnt change the fact that its safer for everyone who does. Point is: if you dont like people teleing from you, pk in deeper wildy. I do pk/have pked, tyvm. You failed to answer why its so important that we go by your madeup rules? If you think its more fun that way, then you go fight people that thinks the same.. and don't flame everybody who doesn't. ..wow..
  14. Because anyone who doesn't share your opinion is an idiot. The point of pking has usually been about killing another person BEFORE he fled/tellied/screen hopped or whatever you want to call it. .. There is also the point of RiskVsReward: If you pk in <20 wilderness, you are asking for people to teleport when they are in trouble; and chances are you have a teleport yourself, lol. If you won't risk it and go deeper, then the rewards will be further apart. and I'm not saying you can't pk with whater rules you wan't, against likeminded people: I'm just asking that you and these other "honor-pkers" doesn't try to drag your rules upon the rest of us. If you can find people that want to sit at 350lp the entire fight, then go fight them; and don't flame hybrids in lvl 50 wildy, risking half their bank, for not doing the same.
  15. ^This. People crying about honor codes in the wilderness can't kill anyone unless they: * Don't pray * Don't eat * Don't tele when they are out/low/about to get koed ..And even if these "honor pkers" found someone that didn't do any of the above (you think they would be happy that they could finally kill someone?); they would then start flaming like there was no tomorrow about how bad they think this someone is.
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