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  1. For some reason I started playing again as well. I know it is quite dead but it I find my joy in playing it every so often. Hey vmser :). If you still have that calc I would love to use it again.
  2. We only know you had alot of looters in your pile, so we assumed 110 ppl around. Oh well 150. We did better than we thought than. :)
  3. yea right. 1) Phobia had 110ppl there not 177. Even if you had 177, quite an emberassement that you cant kill a clan that you outnumber 2.5 to 1. 2) You forgot to add that Mk has 128 total members and Phobia has 290+. 3) We have pictures that proof Phobia returned and invited non-phobia. 4) Not any MK returned, if you have proof please PM me them here or post them. 5) We chased a phobia member to mossies and another to gds. Anyway good fight. But dont try to lie here please. P.S. MK had 140+ opts left.
  4. I hope he doesnt start rapping bout this. :o
  5. took the words right out of my mouth..or hands rather I'll try but im pretty sure MK already beat me to it :roll: LOL, you know dam right your clan is gonna die out again in 3 weeks. What clan you will join then? You dont have much choices anymore: -exerticum: they just dont like you -rsd:not a chance -Di:not a chance -MK: you wish :roll: -Maybe go to GH again, a clan of your class lol
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